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Do you understand the immense, hidden value of ideas?

Idea incoming



Has it ever happened to you, that you hear a stranger talking about an innovation of yours, and you wonder why your name never gets mentioned in that discussion – not even once. You witnessed an immense amount of enthusiasm growing around this revolutionary thing, newly launched. “Remarkable!” they gasp. “Simple, but oh! so very brilliant!” This is the product of your brainwork! But somehow a person, unbeknownst to you, is now basking in the limelight with an ear-to-ear smile that just doesn’t cease. Magazine covers and lucrative business deals are being poured on this remarkable person and the word “ingenious” is used awkwardly many times. How did this happen, you wonder. How? In amazement, you just stand there, listening, speechless, totally perplexed. In its own field this super innovation indeed is brilliant! You know it too well, because, you see… actually, you invented it! Yes, years ago! Wait, what happened?

This is how you recall it… It was April, such a beautiful spring it was. Yes, some years ago, and you woke up in the middle of the night with this million-dollar idea rummaging around in your head. Oh, it was so very fantastic! You even shouted out into the sleeping night “Brilliant!” whilst throwing your arms up towards the heavens. With a smug smile on your face, your last thought before falling back to sleep was -“Oh, the world will love this! Yesss! Success, come to Mama!

” Then a new day dawned, and your brilliant innovation wavered in your mind as a distant dream. You didn´t tell anyone about it and slowly it started to fade away as the daily routines kicked in. Busy, concentrating on working for other peoples dreams and visions, you swiftly decided that your dream-idea was just that: only a silly dream. Also probably “too crazy and impossible to sell” you reasoned. “Nobody would ever want to finance it.” And with that you then left your ingenious, million-dollar idea into its cradle. “Later”, you thought and habitually deposited it into your fat “account” of other fantastic and dormant ideas. Or, so you thought.

Because the unfortunate truth is, that you never revisited this super-idea from your life-changer-dream before now. No. Only now, when someone else has put their name on “your” idea, you want to own it. It´s actually yours, you think. So, the right question is not “what happened?” but rather: “what had not happened?”

Well, many things, of course. You had not taken action. You had not talked about your idea with the right people who might help. Quite bluntly, you had not valued or appreciated the juicy fruit painted to your subconscious mind! You had not even tried to sell this fantastic seed of innovation to someone else with much better drive and good connections! None of those things had happened, and that is why someone else now has the ownership and all the glory of this specific piece of difference and evolution-making. Yes, it was yours, but you ignored it. You did not bring it to life. – Has something like this on some scale ever happened to you? I myself, am guilty as charged.

In this fictional snapshot of events there is a very good lesson to be learned. Ideas are like a slippery soap in wet hands. They are quick and free creatures and they want to LIVE! It is not in their nature to stay put and remain idle. No! The very essence of an Idea is to ignite a process, to start something, to create a movement of some kind. Our job is to funnel the best of ideas out to the world, to send them out, to serve and to have a life of their own. Truly, they are much like our children!

A great idea can lead to remarkable cultural progress; fortunes even. But sometimes its sole role is to be a stepping-stone or an exciting path towards other improvements. Important is too, how ideas can encourage us to test something totally new and by doing that, to widen our own understanding and the horizon of our experiences. Out! from the comfort zones.

For the old Greeks the word “idea” meant “the perfect form”. They derived it from their verb “idein”, to see. – How very fitting that is! To see! Every day we should look at the world and settings with a pair of new and fresh eyes in order to be open to create new “perfect forms“. Whether in forms of methods, systems or physical products.

It would serve us all so very well to learn to understand the great hidden values of our and other people´s ideas! They are the workings and dot-connections of our subconscious minds and of our ever-accumulating wisdom. Prospects and promises of potentially great achievements. Seeds and plants - for us to create rich and prosperous gardens! I dare say – truly - we all should strive to become better “gardeners”!

I invite us all to learn to recognize, refine and cultivate the fruits of our own brainwork; in one or another way. If you do not want to grow, prune or replant a great idea that “arrives” to you, the constant and never sleeping evolution will absolutely send it out from your hands to other “gardeners”. Good ideas are always bound to find mature soil in the backyards of visionaries who are ready to break the ground. In such fearless and creative minds potentials are quickly recognized and converted into wealth and eventually into social progress. Someone always gets to reap. Why not embrace that role, and become devoted “Head Gardeners” for our own ideas?

Such a small word, “idea”, but it really is what the whole long line of Evolution of mankind is built of; big and small building-blocks of bold and ingenious thinking. Every man-made thing has its origins in big and small epiphanies, subtle hints of what eventually could be. And don´t forget: those goodies are free! We receive daily deliveries of ideas of all kinds even without having ordered any! The more we use of them, the more will be delivered! Our brains are like muscles. Train them daily and they grow and produce. There are no limiting quotas to follow!

Isn´t this just totally priceless! In this light, my friends, doesn´t starting our own “Book of Great Ideas” sound truly appealing? Because only by taking action, can those whispered potentials start to contribute into our lives. - Great idea, I say!

Marja K
Marja K
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