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How I Utilized Lock-Down As A Side-Hustle

by Israr Khan about a year ago in success

I turned Lock-down to a thriving business

How I Utilized Lock-Down As A Side-Hustle
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1500 dollars is not a great amount, but still, it was a huge sum for my pandemic-hit wallet.

The lockdown was unparalleled in its ways. It has turned everyone's life upside down. Almost everyone suffered a financial crunch due to Corona-Virus in one way or the other. Except those who had a government job or some other running business which was not affected.

I had the idea about online earning before and knew that it is a great way to boost one's revenues. So, I always wanted to give a try to it but I was too busy in my routine life that I couldn't manage to give time to freelancing.

When, in lockdown, I was forced to be at home all time, I took to freelancing and started searching online jobs.

At first, I watched some tutorial videos on Youtube and learned about freelancing.

I created seller accounts on sites such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour. To my surprise, except Upwork, I made selling accounts easily. And after a few unsuccessful tries, I finally made and Upwork account too.

I spent much time searching, learning and creating gigs. I made good profiles, writing descriptions and set rates for my services. The more I searched and learned the more I came to know that online earning is not an easy job.

For example, I made writing gigs on Fiverr and waited for sometimes to get orders. I wrote quality proposals to potential clients. But without experience, maybe, no one considered my proposals in good spirits.

With each passing day, my worries increased. I was wondering what can I do to get orders. I searched again and found that my gigs are not properly written and do not follow SEO techniques.

Subsequently, I deleted those gigs and made others afresh. To my excitement, I got my first ever online order on Fiverr on 26th March. I was so happy when I saw that someone has sent me order but at first, I didn't know how to go ahead.

So, I searched again, learned the process, worked on the project and finally delivered a $5 order to my client.

He was so happy with and gave me 5 stars review. It was a wonderful moment for me when the order was accepted and I was appreciated.

I got some hope and this strengthened my commitment and it motivated me to go ahead with my achievements. So, I went on Freelancing journey happily.

You won't believe it, but within a week, I got another $5 order and delivered that too. It's another success and another great motivation to push me ahead.

Soon after that, I got a translation job on and it's my first long term online job. It lasted a month and I earned almost $400 successfully.

Then a huge period of one month followed in which I didn't get any job.

But, one day again there appeared a request on my Fiverr gig with a long term project. I readily accepted the order and started work on it.

It was proofreading, editing and rewriting work. additionally, my client wanted me to add more research to the modules which I did as per instructions.

I completed the project successfully and I was paid almost $1120 and that was an immense success for me.

Now, that lockdown is a bit eased, I have to attend my routines works so I cannot go ahead as a full-time freelancer. But, gradually, when my online earning increases, I will switch to as a full-time freelancer. There is no haste, as it is my side hustle and I can manage it in my free time until now.

Lessons I learnt from my endeavours

Always Give A Try:

Sitting idly is of no benefit to anyone. Think about an idea or hear from someone and give it a try.

Yes, Don't just sit, Give it a good Try!!

If you try it, it will do wonders for you otherwise, you were already sitting idly and you lose nothing in trying on something free.

It Happens To Those Who Believe:

If you believe that yes, I can do it. Then, Congratulation; you can definitely do it. There is no power on earth that can hold you back. Just do and see it done. But, you have to believe that it happens.

Magic happens to those who believe, so believe in your potentials.

Win-Win Situation

Well, I haven't seen anyone who has some skill and tried to earn online and he failed.

Really, I haven't seen anyone. Rather, I have seen people who started freelancing just for fun or a side-hustle and took it a full-time work. I myself have earned handsome money through freelancing within three to four months. I didn't even have much know-how of freelancing. Still, I am learning.

Even if you don't earn, you still win and indeed learning is a great win.

Those who sit on the fence are always the spectators and not players.

Give it a try and those who do, win the game.


Israr Khan

Freelance writer and poet. I write articles about freelancing, personal development, philosophy, lifestyle, history, and fitness.

[email protected]

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