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How I Generate New Ideas

by Naomi Morriston 3 years ago in advice
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I'll share with you how I become a better idea-generating machine.

What makes the difference between a fantastic idea and a the greatest idea? Great ideas come along all of the time, and help people solve minor issues in work and everyday life. Terrific ideas appear somewhat less often, and need a bit more work to execute. Frequently they are unexpected moments of inspiration that help keep the napkin businesses in business. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but implementing them, and acting on them is the hardest part. Below I have created a list of things you can do to generate new ideas, whether it be for business or artistic plans, a few of these ideas will help you be able to focus and create terrific, well-polished ideas.

The huge challenge of creating great ideas is freeing yourself from the conventional, mundane ideas that occupy the majority of your mind time. Here are seven ideas that will assist you in opening your mind and exciting your great idea-generator.

1. Terrific ideas won't occur in a vacuum.

You want some method of getting your mind to think in fresh and creative ways. Commit time to certain sessions, in which you stimulate your mind into believing differently. Being a New Yorker, my method is people. An easy walk through Manhattan can introduce me to exciting action and behavior, which makes me think afresh. Any crowded metropolitan area, zoo, or mall can do exactly the same.

2. Socialize Outside Your Regular Circles

Hanging around with the very same friends and coworkers can get you in a believing rut. Use those LinkedIn connections, and begin some exciting conversations. Don't converse with people through technology like iPads, or your doorbell camera, get up and talk to people! New people do not know all of your thought patterns and old tales, so you will need to revisit your present inner monologues.

3. Read

Books are wonderful for creating new ideas and stimulating great thoughts. For quite a long time, I did not read much. As soon as I added company books to my regular, it helped me understand more, and expand my ways of thinking. But several years back, I began again reading histories and fiction. These stories really got me from my everyday headspace, and triggered my idea generator. Even in case you cannot make the time to get a book, go hunt down a bookstore, and spend an hour searching, you'll find loads of thought stimulation.

4. Randomly Surf the Internet

Google is great once you know what you're searching for, but the best way to create new ideas is by learning. Take an hour every week, and go on an internet journey. Try to select the stranger and more vague references as you browse, and stretch your mind a little.

5. Journal

A journal is terrific for recording ideas, feelings, as well as the background of your life. Additionally, it is a terrific way to structure and create ideation customs. If you do not keep a journal, begin now. If you already do, just add the custom of completing every entry with: This is my brand new idea for the day...

6. Meditate

It's tough to think of fantastic ideas as soon as your head is crowded with regular ideas and concerns. You need space that is quiet. Meditation can allow you to clear your mind of everyday company and stress. Commit to two hour-long sessions each week, and soon you'll discover new ideas flowing.

7. Structure creativity.

If you try all of these methods, you're bound to think of an excellent idea or two. Ensure that you record them down on a note, and decide on a plan. The execution is your choice, just make sure you thoughtfully plan it out.

You don’t have to accomplish all of these list items. Take a few that you like, and try them out. If they don’t work out, try doing the other list items that you didn’t choose. You never know what kind of ideas you can generate when you implement different strategies to come up with them. Good luck with your future idea-generating endeavors, and happy thinking!


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