Great Enough; Phenomenal Woman

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Sometimes we are the inspiration we’ve been looking for.

Great Enough; Phenomenal Woman

On December 13, 1995; Georgette Smith was born. It was an average Friday, that I chose to make my mother go into labor. No biggie... I was ready to take on the world! As a child, everything was ‘glitz and glamour’. Ignorant to the worlds problems, any problems I may of had, or my parents problems; I was a happy child. I loved singing with my sister on hot days. A crowd of strangers would gather on the block, eat food, play games, and wait for my sister and I to take the mic. We called this a Block Party, but to me it felt like family.

Over the the years; carefree as usual, I was still in my own little world. My grades were amazing and I always made the Honor Roll. I took the initiative in helping my siblings with their homework as well. I was very proud of myself, but kept the celebration in my head. I realized that my mom understood the achievement but did not comprehend the work. I did not understand why, but it made sense as to why I never got any help from her.

As I was getting older, my fabulous world turned into reality. I rarely seen my mother and the times I did; she looked strung out. Still an adolescent, I was confused with her actions. I wanted to know what changed her. What was so interesting on the streets, that she rather be there, and not with us? I wanted to ask her about her choice of company, and why they were all men. I wanted to know what made her so sad; that the children she had at home was not enough to cheer her up. I wondered all those things but never said a word. I kept it to myself and became the caregiver to my siblings.

Noticeably, things began to change drastically. From seeing my mom here and there, my siblings and I, started not seeing her at all. We were no longer living in our familiar house or singing at the Block Parties like we used too. We moved from house to house, family to family and still, I managed to take care of my siblings. I replayed memories in my head of us all together, an quite frankly, that kept me sane. I thought long and hard as to why my siblings and I, were not able to be KEPT. Moving around became the new normal, so I suppressed my feelings even more.

Now, at the age of 24, I often get asked questions like, what motivates you? What keeps you going? Is there a woman in your life that inspires you? To answer all of those questions in one response would be; my experiences have made me who I am. If I were to give credit to any woman, it would be the woman I became after the storm. Just like that, in a blink of an eye, my childhood changed. Little did I know what I was up against. I had a mother on drugs, I was given the role of a parent as a child, and all along I was developing depression in its finest form. I had every reason to give up, but that little girl born on December 13, 1995 on an average Friday, was ready to take on the world!

Georgette Smith
Georgette Smith
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