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Taking the Time


Gratitude, it is something that often times is overlooked and forgotten. We get hung up on everything that didn't go our way, but forget to say and show gratitude for the things we received instead. Maybe we didn't receive the promotion we asked for, the relationship with who we thought was "the one" didn't workout, or just life seems to be beating us up lately. Whatever the reason, we forget there are so many other things happening that we should show gratitude for.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the busy day to day and what went wrong that we don't see what went right.

While I was out today having lunch, I ran into a mutual friend of mine and my ex husband's. Of course, we began to chit chat and catch up on how life was going. We talked about what hardships we had faced, and during those times it was so easy to forget what good things were going on at the same time. Better yet, what the hardships were preparing us for. He shared a story about when his business was closing, among some other things that were happening in his life, and he felt overwhelmed and unsure of the future. He told me how he prayed for strength and guidance and began to feel like his call to God was always met with a busy signal. That is until he stopped and asked God to just give him strength to make it through this. That was when he realized his faith had to be stronger and that he was never alone. He said he realized he needed to rethink what he was facing. The end wasn't the end after all, it was a chance at a new beginning.

He stopped asking and began thanking his higher being for all that he did have: A successful business, good friends, health, and opportunities. He had the chance to change directions and so he did. By changing his thinking and beginning to recognize all the good in his life, he has had more positivity in his life.

When he finished his story, I realized it's true what they say about the energy you put out into the universe. It does come back, so you have to be careful with the vibes you send out and the vibes your accept. You have to protect your energy and manifest all the good you want by claiming it and exchanging with your own good.

I left the little sandwich shop downtown where I ran into him, and lost in my own thoughts, just knew that encounter was necessary for me to have. I cannot allow negative thoughts and self-doubt to consume me. I will not give into my moments when I feel like everything is falling apart. I began to think about this as well as some of the other phone calls and conversations I've had lately. They all have been with some of the most positive people I know, the most encouraging exchanges of words, and powerfully uplifting. I am grateful for all of them. Each and every time I have this opportunity, I know it's a chance to heal, to grow, and to learn. My friends are from all different places and come from different places in their own journey, and yet, they always amaze me with what they have to offer.

I'm grateful for my little boy, and although my plan was never to be a single parent, I wouldn't change it for anything. He teaches me to look at things from so many different perspectives. He is innocent and not yet jaded by life and the world, and I'm so grateful for what he brings to my life. Although it's not easy, he always shows compassion for others and shows me what true unselfish love is. He is forgiving when I cannot come through with something because money is tight. I'm so grateful for this little human I have created and what he teaches me everyday.

I'm grateful to wake up every morning to a new beginning and a chance to create new possibilities. It's so important to be grateful for the little everyday things we do not think about; it's just as important as it is to be thankful for all the big things that happen to us. Gratitude should be the only attitude we carry with us daily.

I hope with my story today that whoever reads it walks away with a light heart, ready to be open to all that is yours. Remember to be thankful everyday, even when the world feels like it's crumbling. Be thankful that you are there to witness it because it could only mean something greater is coming to you.

Cynthia Perez
Cynthia Perez
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