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I always wanted to be a writer. I like to write. I'll write poetry, plays, stories, songs, I don't care. I love creating things. I love coming up with ideas and creating something out of nothing. Having a book to hold in your hand is tangable evidence that what you think can become reality.

Have you ever thought you wanted to write a book or a story, but didn't think you had the time or ability to do so? Do you have a sci-fi fantasy idea brewing in your head, but your just too afraid to put it down to paper because you're not a good speller or have run on sentances?

Do you know how many people I talk to about the stories sitting in their heads? How many people come up to me and ask me how I come up with my ideas or how I write my books? People want to write books they think it is this amazing accomplishement, and it is, but you can write your story if you put in the time.

My name is Lori Kirchheimer and I am an author YA fantasy under the pen name L.A. Kirchheimer, I have a website at that has a blog and info about my work and events, which are limited this year due to the pandemic, but that is not going to stop me from writing or encouraging you to write the story that is in your heart.

I really believe that everyone has something to offer the world and that there are a lot of unwriten stories that sound amazing stuck inside other people's heads. I have friends that come to me and tell me about their story ideas and they sound fantastic. I can't wait to read their story, but I can't because they don't write it down.

Everyone is afraid, it is scary to put your heart and soul onto pieces of paper for the whole world to criticize and judge, but no one is going to be able to read your story if you don't write it. The best advice I ever got while I was going through my self doubt and fear of writing and publishing my first book was to keep writing. Just write. The words don't have to be perfect, the grammer, the puctuation none of it has to be perfect. Write the words. Write them in a spirol notebook, write them in your laptop, write them on a notepad, I don't care where you owrite down your ideas, just write them.

You might think that you have nothing to add. You might think no one is going to read your work. You won't know unless you write. There are people that want to write their life story, their are people trying to process a trauma they went to , there are stories about fairies, goblins, ghosts you name it, it is out there. There is something for everyone. You don't know how your story can influence someone if you don't write it down!

I love to write. I have crazy dreams all the time then I write them down and think that it might make a good book. I come up with all kinds of crazy concepts. Sometimes I run the idea past family and friends and I get some criticizm, then I write the book and they love it. My current series is YA fiction fantasy geared toward 14 year old girls, I have fans that are adults that normally read non-fiction biographies and informational books. I have fans that are not into vampires and supernatural stuff that read my books and said "wow that is amazing I couldn't put it down." There are people that come to me asking me how I went about publishing my book. People who were scared to take the first steps of writing their book and you know what I said to them? Just write the book. Write the Book!

Write your book. If you have a story that is itching to be told, a dream that you need to share, a life experience that would help someone else, write the book. It might become someone's favorite book someday.

I spent years with an idea in my head. It drove me insane. I had a hard time sleeping unless I wrote, I would get edgy and anxious if I didn't put the words down on paper. Sometimes I would scribble away. There is something therapeutic about writing with pen to paper. I would write every chance I got, I scribbled words out, I cut out entire sections of my book, I made changes, had different ideas and thoughts about how the story should go and I kept on writing all the while thinking to myself, "why am I doing this?" I couldn't help myself. Writing has been a part of me since I was a little girl. The part that really scared me was when I finished writing my rough draft and I needed to get it edited and look into publishing. It was no longer my private baby of heart felt love and tears, it would be a story the world was going to see. I started questioning if the words were appropriate for my audience, if people were going to like it, if I liked it. I mean of course I liked it, but did I write it well enough, will my characters be portrayed well, am I good enough to publish? I was asked, "Why did you write that if you weren't going to publish it?"

"I don't know, because I like writing." Needless to say I was convinced to share my work. I was doubtful and scared, but I did it anyway. I have three books in my series that are published and a fourth one I'm working on now. I have many more that will be created in this reality and I enjoy writing the story, the characters and having an outlet for my creativity.

You can write a great story too. I would love to encourage you to start writing. It doesn't have to be shared with the world if you don't want to, but there is something to be said for writing words on paper. Sometimes you see things that you didn't even know you were thinking. You might surprise yourself. There are a bunch of ways to get published. Self publishing is huge right now and traditional publishers are still working, but none of that matters if you don't have a manuscript to show. Please write your story so that others can read it. If you need any inspiration or encouragement please reach out to me through my website. Send me an email and I will be happy to encourage you. It seems like a private journey to be an author, and though you may be sitting in your office by yourself writing your big masterpiece, we are out here together supporting each other. From one writer to another- Go Write.

Lori Kirchheimer
Lori Kirchheimer
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Lori Kirchheimer

Lori Kirchheimer is an author, LMT, mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, and a creative that strives to make a difference in the world. Her works and events can be found at

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