"Girl, wash your face"

by Jamika 5 months ago in book review

a must read

"Girl, wash your face"

I've always been a reader especially while growing up, I remember being just a little one reading "Big Kid books" like a professional. During that time Books that some would see as daunting I would excitedly take on for a weekend reading adventure in my bedroom!

As I've gotten older I have continued to read almost anything I can get my hands on which doesn't always end in lucky charms but more so with a bad plot twist!

So as I picked up "Girl, Wash your face" I laughed and thought to myself I wish I would have thought of this title first" (Being the author that I am NOT)

Not knowing exactly what the book was going to be about, I tossed it in the cart along with what felt like the rest of the store and headed home.

Being the born reader that I am, as I get home I plan to find time to sit and read and I did just that.

I opened Girl, Wash your face to find a funny message from the Author telling us readers how much of a clutz she can be on a daily basis. It was silly so I read on. Each chapter is divided by a thing/things that hold us back in pushing ourselves to our dream goals! For ex; I'm NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

As I dug deeper into each chapter, Rachel also dug deeper into her lifestyle and unraveled some of her own truths in situations we have all been in, down to the bedroom secrets, Ladies. Rachel makes it clear that she decided to write this book for readers to see that there are people out there just like you! You are not the only one looking for your purpose in a career! You're not the only one that's been told NO!

This story tells a story of hope, fight & motivation. A must-read for all young Adults.

5/5 Stars.

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