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Friends with Benefits (I Mean, Business)

Business Bestie

By Enthusiast of ManyPublished 26 days ago 3 min read

The other day I was in my local coffee shop, and I noticed that it was crowded with not only people with their heads down but also strangers collaborating. I know for some, you were just triggered by the word collaboration. Typing the word even hurts but the type of collaboration I’m talking about isn’t on your Google calendar for 4:00 PM on a Friday as team building. What if the secret to success isn’t just what you know, but who you drink your morning or afternoon latte with? I’m talking about transforming your casual coffee outing into collecting entrepreneurial friends like infinity stones.

Last year I was in a local coffee shop in Merida, MX enjoying my Golden Spice Ice Latte (an ice venti non-fat oat milk latte infused with a quarter teaspoon of ethically sourced, hand-ground turmeric, a dash of Mexican cinnamon, and a hint of organic Madagascar vanilla bean extract. Topped with a sprinkle of edible 24-karat gold leaf for good measure, don’t judge me), and I found myself sharing a table with a freelance writer and a software developer. Our conversation initially centered around the latest viral social media trends but quickly turned to the uptick of digital marketing gurus. This wasn't a networking event, there were no name tags or formal introductions, yet the ideas flowed as freely as the Café De Olla.

​Got me to thinking are casual meetups in coffee shops the new boardrooms? Imagine turning these casual interactions into building a team of business avengers. Instead of viewing coffee shop visits as a break from work or life, maybe we could see them as part of our entrepreneurial journey. What if the person sitting across from you, sipping on their blossom matcha macchiato, might just be your next business partner?

Being an introvert/extrovert, I struggle with putting myself out there sometimes. That’s why I started blogging but how do you identify a possible business bestie in the sea of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives? For me it begins with tuning in to conversations (aka ear hustling) around me that align with my business or with my interests. Sometimes I compliment someone’s laptop stickers or it’s a casual comment on the book they’re reading. These small openings usually lead to conversations about each other's work and reveal how their goals align with mine.

Nurturing a business relationship doesn’t require grand gestures, which is perfect for me. Instead, it thrives on genuine interest. After my initial meeting, I usually send out an email, linking to an article relevant to our shared conversation. The great thing about social media is that it offers a low-pressure environment to maintain contact. A simple like or comment on a LinkedIn post or sharing their content keeps me in their thoughts and builds a foundation.

This network of business avengers will support and guide you, offering a safe space to land when going through the complexities of entrepreneurship. Each person brings their unique perspective helping you and others navigate challenges and opportunities. Together, you build a community that is not only about advancing individual goals but also about uplifting the entire group.

Whether it’s a group brainstorming session in a quiet library room or a café in Bangkok, the strength of your network can often just be what you need to get through the months with no sales. Building and nurturing a network of entrepreneurial friends is less about networking in the traditional sense and more about fostering connections that can grow into lasting relationships.

The next time you find yourself sharing a table with a stranger at your local café, consider the possibility that you may be sitting across from your next business bestie.


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Enthusiast of Many

My goal isn’t to climb the corporate ladder it’s to construct my own ladder, turn it into a hammock, lie back, and enjoy the view.

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  • SW23 days ago

    So true. I have met many friends because they share their inner thoughts online. Who knows? The writings could be coming from the lady next to you on the bus. For some reason, she'd rather sit next to a stranger she doesn't belive knows her. Enjoyed your article. Keep writing.

  • Fred Friden25 days ago


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