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Finding Your Purpose

by R.D. Rolley 6 days ago in success

Life's Secret

As an adolescent I was always curious, outspoken, creative, and always in some sort of trouble. The thing I learned is that when a child is very smart they tend to get bored with the "norm." They do things at times just to get attention or simply because they can. I was one of those children growing up. I was lucky to have both of my parents in the same household but there seemed to be something missing. My mind would wander in class as I dreamed big! I had no problem getting my school work done so that left plenty of time to mind travel. I was big on sports and seemed to want to be something new every year. First it was a fireman, and then it was a detective, and so on. I knew that I would be a celebrity one day, but in which field? What would my purpose in life be? So many questions running through my undeveloped mind. As I grew up I started to realize a lot of the things I wanted to be growing up either didn't pay enough or I simply no longer cared for. I always had a knack for music and started writing songs at the age of 11. I remember looking through some of my old lyrics and was amazed at the creativity I possessed at such a tender age. My family would later relocate to Atlanta, Ga (I was born and raised in Delaware). There I would hone those skills daily even writing lyrics to learn spelling and performing them in English class. My classmates were astounded. I could literally use our vocabulary words and integrate them into a song using every one of them and it made sense. At that point I knew that I had a gift that needed to be shared. I began recording with some classmates at their home studio which was pretty makeshift but it did the job. I began performing at open mics, talent shows, and even at my school! I hit clubs and networked with Djs to get my songs played. During this time I was able to meet quite a few record execs and celebrities including, Waka Flaka, DJ MLK (TI's DJ), DJ Ray-G (Migos DJ), and countless others! I gained a meeting with a management company who could really get me out there but there was one thing that I just couldn't do...I was asked if I would sell my soul for music. It disturbed my spirit when I was asked this. If anyone does music, if you get to a certain point this will be asked of you. I decided not to continue with that company and keep developing because my talent would be noticed regardless. I later had a chance meeting with a record label that put out the hit song "Swag Surfing." I knew the artists who made the song. We were all in the same class in high school and I thought this would finally be my opportunity. It wasn't. After two years of producing nothing I was forced to part with the label on my own terms. I felt those years were wasted. Years would go by with me recording songs and performing in front of thousands of people. I decided to put music on hold and to change paths with the intent to get back into music later along the road. One day I was sitting in my apartment and I was just thinking about all of the opportunities I had that never panned out. While I was thinking, I had an idea that I know couldn't have come from me. It was from God, my higher power. I decided that it would be respectable and more lucrative in the long run to become an author. Something I had always dreamed of. I didn't know a single thing to do about writing a book but I researched. It took me years to finally write a manuscript that I could be proud of. I came up with my current children's book series "It's Snowing Ice Cream." No one believed I would actually be published nor that I would sell books. I bet on myself and self-published without a publishing company like Harper Books,or Scholastic, Inc. I became the #2 Bestseller on all of Amazon for almost 3 weeks upon release solely based on the cover, and my marketing strategies. I have found my path in life it seems. I love to inspire and to entertain people with stories that are vivid and colorful. I say all of this because no one in this world knows what you were placed here for but God. It is your duty to find your gift and to give it to the world. I hope this motivates everyone who reads this to do so. Find your purpose! Own it! And share it! Thank You!


R.D. Rolley

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