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Every man is a snail

by hoang thanh ngo 4 days ago in advice
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Every man is a snail

Every man is a snail
Photo by Naomi August on Unsplash

All the great people in the world are snails. This is not a sarcastic remark, but a heartfelt endorsement.

There are no exceptions for anyone who wants to be the best in their field.

Malcolm Gladwell says, "What makes a genius extraordinary is not that he is superior, but that he has sustained effort. 10,000 hours of exercise is necessary for anyone to go from ordinary to extraordinary." What does 10,000 hours mean? It also takes 416 days to reach the level of mastery without eating or drinking and studying 24 hours a day.

It takes a long, snail-like accumulation of time, even for geniuses in the eyes of the world.

Bill Joy, the genius founder of Sun. When I attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, it was one of the first institutions of higher learning in the world to implement a computerized time-sharing system. For Joy, who entered the University of Michigan at this time, it was a rare opportunity.

Being in such a university greatly stimulated his interest in computers and ensured that he had plenty of time to learn programming. He programmed almost day and night, and by the time he got on the UNIX project, he had logged 10,000 hours of practice and was a computer engineer at a high level.

Zhang Ailing, a talented writer in the Republic of China. At the age of 12, Eileen Chang published her first novel, Unfortunate Her. In the summer of 1942, Eileen Chang began her writing career, reviewing films and plays for The Times. In 1943, Eileen Chang's "Aloes: The First Incense" burned in violet, a monthly magazine edited by writer Zhou Shoujuan. The incense burned in Shanghai for three months, making Eileen Chang famous. Eileen Chang, a famous story collection "Legend" quickly sold out in a few days, the work has been put on the stage of drama. This year, she was 24.

Bai Xianyong, a famous contemporary writer, once commented that "Eileen Chang is of course an inborn genius... Her attainments of Traditional Chinese culture are actually very deep. This makes us focus again on the literary genius behind: born in a scholarly family, Eileen Chang began to receive private school education at the age of four. She is a "book fan" since childhood, and is proficient in "Romance of The Three Kingdoms", "Journey to the West", "The Seven Knights and Five Truths" and other classical works, and learned to write old poems from her father. It was only through 20 years of accumulation that she realized her dream of "reaching thousands of miles" in the field of literature.

Everyone must become a snail before he can become a great man. Even it takes luck and opportunity to become a star.

Through the new King of Comedy, Stephen Chow expresses the decades of efforts that stars need to go through before becoming famous: an ordinary young woman with no background and beauty just like a dream, persevering in the road of walk-on for more than ten years. I played dead bodies, and I had to wear horrible makeup to celebrate my father's birthday. I worked as a double and got beaten all over the place; Installed statues; Constantly mocked and satirized in search of opportunities...

The road to the part is bumpy, but she still cherish every part of the shot, carefully consider each part of the acting required. Despite the betrayal of her friends, the deception of her boyfriend and the incomprehension of her family, she struggled but still persisted in her acting career. Finally, her dream came true after more than ten years of being together, and she became a first-class acting star.

At this point, we may console ourselves that "it's just a movie, not convincing enough", but art comes from life. Back in life, in the real world, their efforts are no less than reflected in the movie.

In 2004, rolling Stone magazine named the Beatles the "50 Greatest Pop Musicians of All time". The reason the Beatles won so many awards and records in their debut, Including a debut album that spent 30 consecutive weeks at no. 1 on the British pop album chart, a top 5 hit on the billboard Hot100 in April 1964, and winning the 7th grammy award for best band performance for "AHardDay's night" in the same year, these accolades are not just a matter of luck and chance. Is in the opportunity and luck before the arrival of the hone.

They were still an unknown high school band until they were invited to take part in a tour of Hamburg. In Hamburg, they perform eight hours a day. Between 1960 and 1962, there were 270 nights. By the time they became famous, the Beatles had actually played 1,200 shows, more than most pop groups could play in their entire careers.

Of course, both the gifted and the famous are in the minority. It is the rest of us who make up most of our lives: we have neither great talent nor great luck. However, with a heart that wants to be a "bull man" and is willing to be a snail, ordinary people will also become bull men.


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