Ease your mind

by Macano Nwachukwu 6 months ago in advice

Allow yourself free thought, without your filter

Ease your mind

Have you ever just let your mind relax from thought? Have you ever allowed your mind to freely think without you having the responsibility of filtering?

So much of our thinking is caged by our "reality." To truly be awakened, you must tear yourself from the confines of your "reality." You must allow yourself to exist as you truly do. Your existence is literally beyond thought because you can travel in your mind to a place absent of it. You can find your peace in the unwritten blank pages of your mind.

Consider this:

Everywhere you have traveled in the "conceivable" world are places where instead of blankness in your mind, you can draw up a picture. You can draw up a mental image of what the place looks and feels like. These are not unwritten blank pages, but familiar material that you have studied and learned to understand. The unwritten blank pages are the countries and continents you have yet to travel to. The more you travel, the more complete your image of the world is. The more complete your image of the world is, the easier it becomes to understand as a whole. This is the same concept with your mind and "reality." "Reality" is something your mind created for you to feel at home. Like you, it is ever evolving. It is constantly changing itself so you can continue to enjoy this experience of existence.

"Reality" will exist with or without you. You can exist with or without "reality." A dream is your being's daily escape from reality. It is your being's way of telling you that you aren't supposed to be here ALL the time. The reason why "reality" is in quotation marks is because "reality" NEVER truly exists.

"Reality" is the culmination of all circumstances understood to be true, but if everything is continuously changing, even when you sleep, there is no solid set of circumstances that REMAIN true.

When you allow "reality" to be what it is, and your(self) to be what it is, you are working correctly with your experience. When you travel to the uncharted parts of your mind without the luggage of the "reality" you came from, you are more prepared to actively create and accept a new "reality." Your experience is only going to give you what you are ready for. If you are having trouble accepting what goes on in your "reality," your mind will create circumstances to keep you close to home. If you open your arms to everything in your "reality," your mind will create new circumstances to keep you ENGAGED and COMFORTABLE. The reality you want for yourself will arrive in spades if you accept your current "reality" completely.

Your being is infinite and your mind is just a tool of its creation. You must engage the depths of your mind. See how far thoughts can go without the confines of what you have understood to be true. There is a world waiting on the other side of what you believe is possible. It will not allow you in with the "luggage" of "reality."

The craziest part is, the infinite possibilities on the other side of "reality" reside in tomorrow. Your tomorrow is where the uncharted blank pages are. Staying to attached to what your "reality" is is like drawing on the next page of your experience without looking. You are not prepared for how infinitely amazing tomorrow can be without letting go and accepting today. Once you have let go and accepted today, tomorrow is possible. Once you have truly let go and accepted your circumstances, new ones are possible. So much of our energy is used on changing circumstances in our experience, rather than letting go and accepting them first. You can not facilitate change without acceptance. To accept is to understand, and you should not change anything you don't first understand.

My personal example to give is my constant problems with self valuation in money. I only valued my(self) with the dollar. If I didn't have enough in my account, I felt like I was low, broke, or without. Somehow in these times, my "reality" still found a way to provide. Every time I am in a place of "brokeness" I always focus all my energy and being in how much I don't have, and that is all my reality reciprocated. Since that was all I was trying to change, rather than accept, it remained a constant. Sometimes I allowed my(self) to travel to a depression because I felt I was only as valuable as what I had.

I appreciate my experience now for allowing me to value my(self) first before I receive my actual monetary "value" from this "reality."

Money is something in our "reality" that we have been given to worship. That we have been told is the only route to get what you want. You can never attain all of it. "Broke" is a concept stemming from the idea of being without money. I had to accept in my reality that "broke" is a constant in any reality with money. Regardless of how much I accumulate, there will still be more. There will still be so much more that I will think I am without. What is important in this reality is creating the value within you.

If the monetary value you wish to have has nothing of equal or higher value to attract to, it won't attract.

You must fully understand how infinitely valuable you are before you attract infinite value in your reality. You can't attract something you aren't. You have to truly understand it first to be able to handle it in your "reality."

I love you FOREVER. I wish you Peace, love, and prosperity in your beautiful experience.

Macano Nwachukwu
Macano Nwachukwu
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