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Don't Give Up

I Have Failed Too!

By Diondre MompointPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Don't Give Up
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It's Simple... Don't Give Up!

Well, maybe it is not that simple. I have been on the receiving end of failure too many times. So much so, that I hold on dearly to not failing in anything I do. Failure became the ugly hand that would be placed on my shoulder that tried to suck me into a deep sadness.

I have always been very ambitious and made very few mistakes in anything I do (most mistakes would not get caught or i make up for it). The crazy thing about my fear of failure is I cannot fully remember when it started. I feel like at some point I magically let that ugly hand consume me and win the battle.

The Beginning Of It

I can only give an estimate of time of when this fear for failure started. Before the ugly hand, I met his cousin....... General Chemistry

In 2016 I found myself constantly retaking a general chemistry II course multiple times over. I took the course a total of three times, with the third time being a "must-pass attempt" or I would be forced to change my major completely.

The first and second time I took the course they were difficult. Each semester I could feel those ugly hands reach for my shoulder again and again. But, on the third attempt I shoved off that hand and was able to pass so I could receive my undergraduate degree in Biology. After doing this, I have not had the fear of failure......

Until It Came Back.....

Outside of college, that same hand came back to attack. I experienced this going into my career working in a lab. This was my first shot at using my skills from college and previous job experience to give to a company. Of course, in a the span of over a year I did an excellent job; I would even say so good that it may have been the reason I was so hard on myself when I failed.

Then here came those ugly hands once again.....

I Switched My Mindset And Did Not Give Up

I've been through this before so combating failure was a task that I can do again. Though this time was different from when I was in college, I figured out a way to snap out of allowing failure to consume me again.

Let's turn this story into a lesson. Here are a few things that I did that may help you:

1. Share "W's" with yourself and do not always look at the bad stuff(i.e. your failures). The issue lies in working so hard that once a mistake is made, all the good things you have done are blurred. Please do not forget the wins. Keep this in mind.. no NBA Team has ever went undefeated; Not even close. The 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors went 73-9. Were they suppose to have the loses overrule the wins? No.

2. Clear your mind from negativity and fill it with positivity. Mediate and free your thoughts by writing or sharing it with someone else. Make sure that someone else is someone that cares and is important in your life as well as theirs.

3. Remember that you have failed before and you can get through any situation at hand. DO NOT GIVE UP!

If you are consumed by failure... DO NOT GIVE UP! Be sure to take this article and share it with a few people you know who are hard on themselves. Share some of your experiences with me by contacting!

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