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by The M.A.D. Dad 4 months ago in advice
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The Battle for Worth

What is your value? I mean if you had to place a value in monetary or goods, what would it be? In what way would you assess your value? Why is this set of questions relevant?

When we try and complete a task or gain some achievement, often we may not get the result we intend. Too many times our initial thoughts probably reflect questions regarding our own self-worth. We may ask, "I am I good enough?" "Do I have whatever quality it takes?" "Am I up to the challenge?'

In many cases, the questions do not even verbalize and the underlying concern of "What is my value?" are met with our own internal critic. Our inner doubt may say, "I am too stupid, not tough enough, not smart enough, I panic all of the time, etc." What are critic jabs at really is an accusation that we have lessened or no value.

It is strange that one episode can cause an individual to devalue an existence. If you consider that probably most events that we may average experience can be viewed in hours, minutes or seconds. In more uncommon cases, something that we experience may consume years, weeks or days. Compared to a life of multiple decades, an event is a very narrow window to judge the value of a life.

Also, does not making a certain goal or getting a certain result end in complete loss? It could be argued that every time we endeavor that we grow in knowledge, experience and resilience. What we may barter as a "bad" result or event may have a much larger yield with experience that may foster us to drive through future adversities to larger gains.

Yet, in the moment, we can be left feeling bereft of value or appreciated. It is hard to hear praise whisper from the outside when we hear condemnation screaming inside. Yet, a critic is not always an expert regarding the goal! Our internal critic is a byproduct of fear. It fears the unknown of potential and clings to certainty of lack. It accuses us from the shadows of our minds.

But, when doubt is exposed to the light of knowledge, it loses its voice. If we confront doubt or fear with an understanding that life is change and exchange with bartered time yielding result and experience always. How can we not see gain always? Remember, each individual assigns the quality of "good" or "bad" to a situation. Regardless of those qualifiers, once again, result and experience always increase when events transpire.

If we gain in experience and/or result, then we cannot depreciate. We are always increasing in value. Whether you want to put a dollar amount or rating on yourself, you are more than you were before anything that you endure. Accept that you are more!

You are more today than yesterday. You are more than five hours ago. You are more than you were five minutes ago. You are more! Doubt is a lie told to cause our truest self to be swindled out of our precious priceless potential for new experiences.

It is possible that you may have noticed that throughout this article, I keep going from the larger values of time to the smaller values in my explanations. You may even ask, "Why?" Simply stated, time is ordered in importance according to the individual in emotional outlook. If you value seconds or hours more, you decide and assign the value. Our worst moments may only last seconds, but we may feel like that they take years away from our lives. Others may feel the greatest remembrance for a few seconds spent with another that seem to freeze time endlessly in rapturous bliss. You have the ability to decide. Value yourself and remember that you have accrued even more value while reading this article.

The M.A.D. Dad


About the author

The M.A.D. Dad

I call myself the M.A.D. Dad. M.A.D. stands for Martial Arts Direction. I want to help others battle the forces that threaten our peace with lessons that I have been blessed to discover through my experiences in both Martial Arts and Life.

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