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Dealing With Insecurities

by Mason Palmer 4 years ago in advice
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We all have them and we shouldn't be ashamed.

It's no doubt that everyone has insecurities, and if you say you don't the chances are you're just trying to hide them from the world. There are many ways to deal with these problems but you should never feel ashamed of having them. I will be talking about I have personally helped with people dealing with them and how I have dealt with them myself.


I have dealt with insecurities, as has everyone else. I'm not afraid to admit this, nor am I afraid to talk about how I deal with them. I will not be going into detail about each insecurity, but rather how I am able to cope and what I do to make myself feel better about them. One thing I often do, and people who know me will notice this, I make jokes about them. I really believe that this is one of the best ways to cope with anything in life, really. Obviously there is a time and place, but as time goes on you can either sit around and be sad constantly, or try and make light of a bad situation with humour. This really helps and, in a way, laughter truly is the best medicine. If you can't joke about it then what else can you do? And people may say that the only reason you are joking about an insecurity is to mask how you really feel. But in my experience, humour will help you manage to grow and accept the insecurities as something that's probably not as big of a deal as you originally thought. If you can joke about them, they can never truly get to you. This is my main way to deal with them, and it really helps as nowadays nothing phases me. I can joke about anything and make light of any situation because it helps me get over it. My main insecurity was to do with the things I was interested in. For example, I have I huge interest in WWE which most would consider to be a children's programme, and I completely agree. It is 100 percent not the coolest thing someone could be interested in; however, the sooner I could accept that no matter what people will have their opinions, I wasn't worried about it. I also joke about it being for children because, let's be honest, it really is, but I'm okay with that because if you can't feel good enjoying something you have an interest in, then something is wrong. I have been interested in journalism for a while, so when I came across this website, I signed up to start writing different pieces. I was afraid what people would think at first, but again, if you can't enjoy something you have an interest in, then something is wrong. This links into the next way I found it easier to cope. Talking to people is essential. Talking to a friend or a loved one about how you feel is so important, as this can help not only with how you feel, but with confidence. When I started writing on this website, I was showing a few people what I was doing and they were supportive and were genuinely interested. This made me more confident. This is the same with everything else you are insecure about, I highly recommend you talk to someone about it. They will always help you, and if they truly care about you, they will not judge you in the slightest. And going back to my first point, you can joke about it with them and it will make you feel much better. I am very lucky to have met someone who doesn't judge me for any of my interests or past insecurities, but rather supports me and laughs along with me through the hard times. I also have friends who feel the same way I do in the sense that laughter is the best option most times. If you can't laugh about situations, then you'll just be sad all the time, and that's no way to live. We always make digs at each other about things we are insecure about these days because it doesn't phase us anymore. We laugh about it all. We realise they don't matter and they don't make who you are as a person.

Helping others:

In my experience with helping people with insecurities, the best advice I can give is to just listen to everything they have to say about it. If you cut them off or don't listen to them when they are already not feeling too great, it can knock them down even more so. There is a difference between reassuring and judging. If you make somebody feel bad for feeling a certain way about themselves, the chances are you are judging them about how they feel. The best thing to do is do your best to reassure them about how you feel about what they are mentioning. If they don't like how they look, or if they are feeling scared to share something with someone, I have always found it best to calm them down and reassure them that it's not as bad as they think. With the people I have dealt with, I have always attempted to make light of the bad situation and it always works. Maybe a little inside joke or a tasteful joke about the situation will make them feel at ease with how they feel. More often than not, insecurities are not that big of a deal as you or they think. It's always a case of overthinking the judgement you will receive from others. As long as you have the right people around you, no matter how much people judge you, you should always feel okay.


I hope this made sense to people, but the last thing I have to say is this: Don't feel ashamed of your insecurities because you will always have people to help you through them. And remember to always try and make light of them. That way, you won't care about them as much. I know this from experience. Thank you for reading, and check out my other posts.


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Mason Palmer

One half of Kwispy Flicks over on Youtube.

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