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Complaining is indignation at your own incompetence

by afa 4 months ago in advice
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Life, like time, is the same for everyone. However, because of the differences in people's thoughts, thinking and mentality, different life situations have emerged. Some people live in poverty and sorrow, some people live without worries, and some people live in prosperity.

Faced with such a difference in life, it is natural to complain or complain. However, have we carried out deep analysis and thinking, why others can live a good life while you do not? Many times, we are too care about his family or parents to accumulate wealth for us or give us the material basis of too weak, push all the excuses and reasons to the parents, if only so that's enough, if his don't work hard to lead to their life than others, or as the SINS of their parents so that should not be too much.

Parents can give us only life in fact, this is the greatest gift of nature to us, we must not be grateful but ungrateful or bite the hand that feeds us, that is our biggest sin. In fact, we should know our own situation and different from others, and find their own direction and goal, and continue to work hard and change. If you just complain or whine about something, you may end up like this for the rest of your life.

There are so many people around us who were born into humble, poor, and bad circumstances, and yet they live free, free, and happy lives. Why can't you? This is what we should think, should be clear: "complaining is useless, everything depends on yourself". Because the only thing we can rely on in this world is ourselves. Why? Because you depend on others, they can not help or serve you forever, one day they will leave you; Because you depend on your parents, parents can not always treat you as a child or don't let you grow up, one day they will leave you; Because you rely on relatives and friends, relatives and friends will not be able to help you all the time, one day they will be unable to help you.

Complaining, in fact, is the biggest obstacle to us, if we encounter a little bit of dissatisfaction or frustration began to dispirited, people dejected, depressed, the whole person so decadent down, then no one can save you, no one can change you, and ultimately who will really look down on you. We should always keep a sunny attitude, confident life, because life is not so beautiful, then we have no reason not to live it well. This kind of mentality is actually valuable, but many of us are unable to do, perhaps they always feel that this is affectation, is hypocritical, is forcing themselves. However, we can carefully observe the people around us, those who only complain all day have a few successful? No. On the other hand, those who have a problem and seek a solution are basically successful. That's the difference. That's what you don't understand. So, your life is not as good as others because you can't suffer as others can. You don't want to pay as much as others do. You don't face or are afraid to face those difficulties and setbacks.

As an old saying goes, "The only way to become the best is to endure hardship." It tells us that it is natural for us to face the hardships of life. Only when we have experienced hardships in the world can we strengthen our indomitable will and indomitable character. We need action instead of complaining and whining. Only action can solve the problem. Complaining can only be regarded as indignation at our own incompetence. Because they do not have the ability or courage to overcome and change, they will find excuses and reasons to avoid, and will constantly complain, and finally bother themselves and waste the precious time of life. To become the master, you must overcome the complaint mentality, eliminate the complaint mentality, with a kind of confidence that I can work to fight, so that your life is naturally different.

To really live a decent themselves, so have to face up to oneself, every moment of the day to look at your weaknesses and shortcomings, to look at your life is not good, to look at your action and ability, and then in the practice of constantly improve themselves, thorough farewell to complain, that you'll gain a whole new yourself, you will truly change, Brave to go out of the circle of life, out of the thinking zone and comfort zone, bold to practice their own ideas, overcome all kinds of difficulties in life, only to find reasons for success, not to find excuses for failure. Tell yourself, excuses and reasons can only be some of the time to others a perfunctory and cope with, but this is also not should, because I think we should be bold, bold, responsible, no excuse, such a vigorous style is our forward power and weapon. Whenever you meet some failure or setback, you should know whether you are incompetent or not prepared enough, whether you are not aware or others beat you to it, instead of complaining about the unfair fate or blaming yourself for being less capable than others. This can determine one of your achievements and achievements in the future. Sometimes if you know the root cause, it will provide a reference and warning for your subsequent life. You know what aspects you should strive to conquer and what aspects you should improve.

Instead of spending time complaining, spend that time thinking, summarizing, and improving. Because only the full use of time will let us have no time to think, will be more able to motivate themselves to work up, positive progress. Such a tense and full of life is what we must, if you have no time to decadent, no time to complain, no time to boring, so you can be as good as others, you will feel yourself for a look, so you live out a true self. Because each of us has three "I" - false ego, self, self, only will all stimulated their potential and unremitting efforts, it can find the real me, will find themselves the qualities of a good, so, don't complain about, need only powerless, efforts to strive to move yourself, can have no life.

We seem to be put on this earth to do something, you know? Therefore, in our long and short life time, we really should make more efforts to complain less, and constantly sound the horn of their struggle to warn themselves, constantly motivate themselves to complain is useless, complaining can only be the indignation of their incompetence.


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