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Cherry's Journey

by Zombie mom🍒 about a year ago in success

Into my stripper world

As a young adult they always tell you to make a list of careers. I have to say becoming a stripper was most definitely not on my list. I never had anything against it, I just knew a bit about it, more like what social media, movies, shows displayed the role of a stripper. I'm not gonna lie I was always curious ,but according to stereotypes I was suppose to think it was wrong.

Life did not happened as I planned or hoped for, I became a wife, had 4 children with my husband. My marriage was so toxic, I had to move forward for the sake of our kids. As a mother you should always put your children first, though I'm not a perfect mom I did what I had do.

I could finally stand on my own two feet. I entered a new world, the stripper world.

Before I walked in and decided to step on that stage half naked, I overthank so many scenarios. It was now or never.

First day I walked in the club told the manager " I have never been a dancer, never even walked in a strip club before, don't know how to dance, but I want to be a dancer. "

She actually let me try it out for a week no strings attached. After a week it was my choice to stay or quit.

2 years as Cherry now. I was a nervous reck, clueless on the first day, but I gave it a shot. Gotta say Cherry would of never been known, if I never walked in that club that day. Cherry became a fearless independent women. Lucky for me the strip club world was not as I thought it was. Dancers were friendly I learned alot from them how to dance, work. As a stripper you learn to work differently after all you are classified as a sex worker. Ofcourse I never really made money like the way they make it seem in the movies. I think it also had to do with the area where I was working. Obviously the big city clubs banked. As for me I made descent money otherwise I would not waste two years in it.

I had so much fun as Cherry. I honestly did not think I was going to enjoy being a stripper. I love to be on stage even though I am an intervert. The stage was my zone, my moment, I would close my eyes listen to the music feel it through my body and expressed it. I actually would get complimented alot for my performance. No I did not do crazy pole tricks, yes I learned some tricks, but it was more the art of my movements that caught peoples attention. Anything I was feeling sad, mad, stressed, happy, anxious, it was all transformed to art on the stage.

I had bad moments and life threathen moments, it comes with that type of environment. Sometimes it was diffcult dealing with certain customers. It can be stressful ,but when you walk out with more money you would make in a part time job in a month in one day, you figure, deal with the bullshit, grab the money bag, walk out like a champ.

I became Cherry the fearless independent women. I regret nothing and I will continue to be Cherry for as long as I need to be.


Zombie mom🍒

Mom of 4, dancer, surviving this crazy world one day at a time

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