Chasing the Impossible.

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We All Want What We Cannot Have.

 Chasing the Impossible.
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One of the many things I have noticed about people is our endless pursuit of what is impossible to obtain.

Be it a relationship, wealth, a dream; we all chase what is slim to none. Despite the probability of what we want unlikely happening, we all chase it no matter the reality. It is as though we have a ceaseless obsession with a desire that cannot be quenched unless we finally obtain it.

It is all apart of the human psyche to crave the impossible. To some, it is a challenge to see if they can win what many would deem far fetched. Others see the desires of their lust and greed to be a prize to be won. It is as though the impossible to obtain wants are a goal to be chased.

The sad truth is many people exhaust their energy, sometimes their own relationships, for something that might never be. One can only ponder how many lives were destroyed or ruined because of a hopeless quest neither promised nor guaranteed.

One such of an example of something that was never meant to be, would be a relationship. I am sure everyone has known that one person who had their mind set on one guy or girl. The problem is the love in that instance was unrequited or nonexistent. Yet the pursuant refuses to surrender to the grim realization of the ordeal.

No matter how many friends or family members try to dissuade the love struck person, they still seek to win over their "love". It is sad to see such people destroy themselves in winning over somebody that might not be good for them. Let alone love them.

The love struck pursuant might become depressed or obsessive. Either way, this is bound to cause a lot of problems both mentally and legally.It eventually gets to the point where the person of desire is either murdered or stalked into oblivion because the deranged one sided lover becomes enraged. On the other end of the spectrum, the one pursuant to their unrequited love might end up committing suicide over the nonstop rejection.

Then you have those chasing dreams. Yes, we all have dreams and aspirations, yet it depends on the probability of such things coming to pass. Imagine the times you've met that one guy who said, for example, they were going to try out for professional sports. Now bare in the mind that same person was probably out of shape, nonathletic, and had no idea about the sport. On the other end of the spectrum, you have those whom are athletes, but are not good enough to go professional.

Now this is not limited to sports. Other professions; acting, the military, the medical field...the list goes on. There is always going to be that one poor sap whom cannot grasp the reality of the impossibility. Still, that one person will continue to argue they have a chance at joining or becoming what they desire. Even as the likelihood of it is unobtainable. Usually when one cannot reach for their goals, they become angered at everyone. Typically blaming people for their goals never being met.

Finally, there are those whom desire wealth. It seems that these poor folks (no pun intended) cannot understand that some people are destined for greatness and others are not. Sadly those whom are in the endless pursuit of wealth do not realize their follies. Thus, they end up driving away their friends, family, and their own lives all while pursuing impossible riches. The number of people whom attempted to strike it rich and failed are endless.

This could be why some people fall into the trap of gambling addictions. The idea of striking it rich from something so simple is appealing to many. Yet, the odds of winning it big are not in anyone's favor. This eventually is what leads to people blowing their money on gambling ventures only to become bankrupt or worse.

I have learned that some people are just lucky. Its always that one idea or talent that allows someone to succeed materialistically. Not everyone is blessed with wealth nor success. I am not saying this to sound pessimistic, its just a fact of life. Everyone in the rat race seems to have it better than others. And then there are those whom have it worse than others. While some learn this early on, there are those whom do not grasp the reality.

In closing, if you are someone whom has been chasing a relationship, an impossible desire, or just wealth...please stop. You are not doing yourself any favors. Rather, you are only causing pain to yourself and your loved ones. I hate to be a naysayer but sometimes, as the old saying goes, you have to be cruel to be kind.

Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
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