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Candace Holyfield Talks about The Black Expo Awards, and Expanding her Content Creation Studio

Candace said Entrepreneurs should be focusing on building their tribe & pivoting to the changing trends in their industry.

By Veronica Charnell MediaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo Courtesy of Candace Holyfield

Candace Holyfield is a Serial Entrepreneur and the Owner of the brand "Six Figure Spa Chick" which is a global platform designed to help over 500 spa professionals build, grow and launch their own successful businesses. She currently has a network of over 15,000 spa professionals. Her platform is designed to motivate other women and business owners to develop more wealth.

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Veronica Charnell: Coming from a Waitress to an Entrepreneur, some people may say you took a major risk. What motivated you to take the leap of faith and start your own business?

Candace Holyfield: Leaving my waitress job of 13 years was definitely risky, but I literally had nothing to lose. I worked there for so long and did what I wanted for years. The manager of the restaurant removed out from my section. I went from making $100 a day to $30 a day (this was back in 2008). I was broke, so I had to take a risk and learn a new skill.

Veronica Charnell: When you started your own business, was it your intention to create Six-Figure Spa Chick?

Candace Holyfield: When I started my spa business, I had no idea I would be six-figure anything. I created Six-Figure Spa Chick 5 years later once I mastered making six figures in my spa business.

Veronica Charnell: Why did you choose the Spa Industry instead of other Beauty Industries?

Candace Holyfield: initially chose to do nursing. Once I found out the program was two years, I declined and went with Massage Therapy. I never got a massage before in my life until I enrolled in school.

Photo Courtesy of EPI Media Group

Veronica Charnell: How essential is it for an Entrepreneur to create, and grow a professional tribe?

Candace Holyfield: As an entrepreneur, it is exceptional to 360 your brand. So creating a tribe is an excellent way to build a loyal fan base. I also love creating a tribe because people want to be a part of something. It’s a great engagement strategy as extremely for entrepreneurs. I highly recommend this to anyone reading to create a tribe.

Veronica Charnell: Can you tell us more about Black Spa Expo Awards?

Candace Holyfield: My heart smiles when I talk about the spa expo or spa awards. It’s a passion project for me. Spa expo is year number 3 this September 2021. Spa awards is year number 6 this December. It’s a wealth-building weekend for spa/beauty professionals to come to learn, grow and increase profits. We honor several of our members with Spa Hall of Fame induction and awards such as best spa. Several guest speakers are present such as Bee Marie, who owns Cota Skin and earns a million dollars a month. We strive to bring great speakers and show African American spa owners we see plus value their hard work.

Photo Courtesy of Candace Holyfield

Veronica Charnell: What is the 7 Figure Mastermind Session?

Candace Holyfield: My 7 figure masts session is usually 6 to 8 hours. We break down your entire business to find your missing money and set up automation with systems. The mastermind session includes product launch, team building, business credit, passive income streams, and much more.

Veronica Charnell: Has the Pandemic negatively affect your business operations?

Candace Holyfield: At the beginning of the pandemic, I was crushed. I canceled all payments for my VIP students. I was doing China trips for only spa professionals and lost $200k plus $30k in refunds due to the pandemic. I gathered myself on day 4 and got back in the game with virtual classes.

Photo Courtesy of Candace Holyfield

Veronica Charnell: The current trends in the Beauty/Spa Industry is changing. How can Entrepreneurs pivot with the changing trends?

Candace Holyfield: The new trends are, of course, social media, reels, and tik tok. I encourage beauty professionals to try some new marketing tools to see what works best for their business. The trending spa service is post-op, body contouring, and lymphatic massage. Everyone is getting surgery, and the post-world has increased. I do want to let any readers know that some services will never die so don’t think you have to jump into these new services if it doesn’t fit your business model. To continue pivoting, invest in classes with top experts in your industry. Try to also stay at least six months ahead of the game.

Veronica Charnell: Can you give us a preview of what is next for Thee Candace Holyfield Parker?

Candace Holyfield: What’s next for Six Figure Spa Chick is my content creation studio. I opened in April here in Atlanta. It’s content creation with in-house photography and videographer, co-working space, event rental, plus we host monthly classes. I’m expanding in only five short months. My new location should be ready by Black Friday this 2021.

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