Burn Zones

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Burn Zones

Burn Zones by Jorge P. Newbery is a brilliantly written story about the author himself. He wrote this autobiography about his financial and business endeavors. It includes how he received all of his gains as well as his losses. The title is based on the term "burn zones" which is where you either reach your biggest gain or loss. In order to reach those gains and losses one has to be willing to take risks and learn from those risks whether they result in a negative outcome or a positive one.

My favorite part of this book was how relatable every scenario felt to me as the reader. His writing style made me feel as if I was there with him every step of the way as if I had made or lost millions of dollars. It was like reading a journal that one of my friends wrote about our lives together. As far as grammar and spelling go this book looks to me like it was professionally written as well as edited. I did not see a single thing wrong with the writing itself.

The only fault that I found with this book was the language. There were a few points in this story where the author used terminology that I was having a hard time following along. Although it was not entirely understandable I did grasp the basic concepts and points in which he conveyed through his brilliant and wonderful writing skills. However, at certain points he rambled in his business jargon and lost me a few times.

All in all, rate this book four out of four stars. It was professionally written as well as edited conveying little to no errors. I had a hard time taking breaks from this book to rest and live my life. However, this book did inspire me to live my best life after putting it down so definitely not a loss. I have to say it was probably one of the best books that I have read in a really long time.

I would say that this book inspired me to keep going as an entrepreneur. Despite the current economic situation and pandemic I feel the best thing to do is exactly as the author has done. He writes about taking risks in order to achieve the ultimate gains as well as learn from the ultimate losses. I think we could all stand to learn a lesson from this author.

I believe that this book shows us just how much humanity needs their freedom and love back. As someone once said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” We as humans need to be able to take risks and have adventures. Life is an adventure that we are living. Every new thing that we discover becomes part of our story.

I highly recommend that you read this book because it is something that everyone could use right now. It kept me throughly entertained and made me think without thinking too much if that makes any sense. I love finding books like this because it keeps me humbled as a human being. It has also helped me to become the master of my own destiny and showed me that I can become my own boss and run my own business if I so choose to. This was also a book that I discovered on a website that I also highly recommend. The website is called Online Book Club and it pays you to read new books and write reviews. You can enjoy new stories and get paid for your opinions on these new books. I love it.

book review
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