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Books That Can Change Lives

by Saral Verma 9 months ago in book review

After over-exhaustive internet research, finally, I ordered those popular “3 books that can change your life”

Books That Can Change Lives
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I just ordered them to increase my English skills for my blog writing, but these books, in a true sense, are “magical.” I bought them with no intentions to change my life, but they are. I started doing things for my financial and personal growth, and it's mystical.

I was the person who couldn’t wake up before noon, procrastination was my hobby, and physically unfit. Mentally I was on my way to depression. I still don’t know was made me order these 3 books, and the day I finished reading them, it was a turning point.

The Richest Man In Babylon

The basic key to financial success lies in this book. It teaches you the “Laws of money,” which made Babylon the richest city in the world. The author of the book strongly believes that “Laws are universal and unchanging,” so the laws that made a city the wealthiest city in the world centuries ago still work and are universal. The most important line from the book is :

Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which governs its acquisition

Earlier I had no saving and spent almost every penny that I had. After reading the last page of this book, I immediately implemented the things I learned regarding savings, expenditures, etc.

The most shocking concept in the book was “Passive Income.” The idea of passive income dates to 2300 BC, and yet none of the current schooling curriculum has it. I use to think that very few people know about passive income, which means it's a new idea, but I was wrong.

This flaw in schooling was known to Mr. Carnegie, and he told it to Mr. Napolean Hill.

Much of that which is taught in schools is of no value whatsoever…..

Think And Grow Rich

This legendary book was a result of the interviews of millionaires. This book tells you about a “secret” that was used by people like Henry Ford and Edwin Barnes, which made them successful. If you think life has been harder for you than most people, that's why you couldn’t achieve your desires or other things like poverty, physical/mental problems, etc., just read this book. See how you can “transmute” your dream into reality. The complete package of personal growth, financial success, and psychological fallacies. The most beautiful quote from the book is :

What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve

After a few chapters of Napolean’s masterpiece, you’ll understand the importance of “THOUGHT” and “DESIRE.” If you think you don’t have enough qualifications to fulfill your dream or you are not intelligent enough, this book is for you. Just go for it!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a ****

The most amazing thing about this book is how appropriately the author has used the F- word 🤣 ( Just Kidding !). If you’re frustrated with every person boasting their lives on Instagram or if you think you are just mediocre, this book will help you understand the counter-intuitive ways of living a prosperous life. The amazing thing about the book is the author. He was just a typical American guy who did almost what many of us want to. Visiting many countries, making too many friends in other countries and whatnot. After experiencing all these, he delivers a complete package of a happy life. He clearly tells what happens if you make too many friends, what happens if you continue changing your habitat, etc.

This book is mainly focused on self-help. It tells about the simple things we want in life, but we never get. We keep on running circles around a particular thing. It presents a different perspective of looking at things and helps us understand the materialism that sits around society.

The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.

After reading the above quote, I went into deep thought and understood what was wrong with me. You can see hundreds of such perspectives of looking at things that help you explore a better self within you.


Thank You for reading this article! Do read my other articles.

I’ll soon be back with an amazing article.

Cheers, See you soon : )

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