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Books Every Professional Woman Should Read

Books Every Professional Woman Should Read 2021

By Muhiuddin AlamPublished 3 years ago 18 min read
Books Every Professional Woman Should Read
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We talk about Professional Books All Women Should Read In Their Lifetime. This year is the 9th year I have entered the workplace, and now I have achieved a middle management position in a small and large company. Last year I had a new identity, the mother of a cute little girl.

In the past few years, I was about to be 30 years old, and I was very anxious, so I read a lot of best motivational books for women desperately, many of which are women's workplace books.

Today’s mentality is very stable, and after a few years of precipitation, I can better appreciate the importance of books for successful women, and I have also seen the disadvantages and advantages of many women in the workplace.

So I want to share the most recommended best inspirational books for women in career. I have ever read. This book is suitable for working women.

Professional women are financially independent, positive, and confident, and can lead the urban trend, which is enviable, but they have to bear the same pressure as their male colleagues in the workplace, and they have to play the role of a good wife and a good mother after returning home.

Society requires them to be as decisive and strong as men but also hopes that they will not lose the gentleness and meticulousness of women. Too much pressure damages them both physically and mentally and makes them seem a little vulnerable behind their beautiful appearance. Are you deeply distressed by the inability of work and family to have both ends? On the road to pursuing a better life?

The following 15 Great Books Every Woman Should Read for Her Career have their own views and opinions on the unique problems faced by girls, such as love, marriage, and career.

Books Every Professional Woman Should Read 2021

Table Of Contents

1. The Long View

2. Lean In

3. How Women Rise

4. Own It: The Power of Women at Work

5. 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

6. The Woman I Wanted to Be

7. Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon

8. Don't Marry Before You Are 30

9. Now, Discover Your Strengths

10. How Remarkable Women Lead

11. Knowing Your Value

12. Women in Tech

13. Leading from the Front

14. Bossypants

15. Leave Your Mark

1. The Long View

Book Review: The Long View by Brian Fetherstonhaugh

Ogilvy Chairman Brian divided his career into three main stages and elaborated on the dominant strategies at different stages.

The first stage: add fuel and start with a strong start. At this stage, you have to develop your own transferable skills (problem-solving skills, persuasive communication skills, talent attraction, emotional intelligence), meaningful experience (personal travel, foreign work experience, business management or entrepreneurial experience, community or voluntary Activities), and lasting relationships (contacts, expert groups, key colleagues, supporters).

The second stage: focus on the longboard and reach the high point. The second stage is to create a real difference, and to create proficiency requires a high degree of concentration and sufficient time. At the same time, you should continue to make small adjustments, and sometimes significantly revise your career direction, and you need to confirm that you are on the right path on a regular basis.

The third stage: optimize the long tail and continue to exert influence. Later in your career, you don’t necessarily have to be forgotten in depression. You have to manage the learning curve, make your learning curve steep, face difficult problems bravely, and voluntarily accept challenges.

After reading this book, I can’t help but sigh that it’s too late to meet each other. I wish someone would recommend this book to me when I first stepped into the workplace so that I could clarify my direction earlier and accumulate corresponding work experience.

So that I later met every new person I thought had potential in the company, and I would give them a copy of "Foresight", hoping that this book can guide them in the right direction.

At the same time, I also recommend this book to many of my friends who are working as full-time mothers. Brian told us what we can do to prevent careers and parenting from becoming an all-or-nothing option. At the same time, he provides very practical work return advice to women who have to temporarily leave the workforce for their families.

My deepest passage:

Use the weapons of curiosity and exploration to develop skills and experience, build an immune system that can withstand inevitable setbacks; keep looking for your ideals, if you don’t know what is important, then return to humanity; make sure your confidence is well-founded Yes, if your failure is not mainly due to bad luck, then you have to take action to find out the missing relationships or skills; don’t let pride block the path to rebirth; you may need to take a step back to make the world better; stick to your own Core values ​​and true self.

2. Lean In

Book Review: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl is the chief operating officer of Facebook and one of the most influential women in the world named by Forbes. It is said that the Andy prototype in "Ode to Joy" is her. Andy we saw on TV is a sharp work style of women in the workplace, but after reading this book, what you feel is a successful, bold but very calm female leader encourages you to bravely explore the heights you can reach in the workplace.

Sheryl deeply analyzes the root causes of inequality between men and women and encourages women to take a step forward, take up challenges, fulfill their potential, and achieve the double balance and success of career and family. This book has long been ranked No. 1 on the "New York Times" non-fiction bestseller list.

This is another book that I will give to newcomers in the company. The gift is only for women. The company has recruited many women with high academic qualifications and outstanding performance at work, but when I affirmed and highly appraised their work, although they also feel that they are doing well in their hearts, they often show that they are doing very well.

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I am embarrassed and smiled and said "really?" I even added additional points about what I didn't do well. In fact, I understand them, because when I was like them, I had the same reaction when I was praised by my superiors. But when a new male colleague accepts the praise, he will take it for granted, and will take the initiative to do more advanced work and even express the expectation of a salary increase.

Although women are even more capable than men, they always feel that they are not ready to accept new challenges. As a result, boys have a higher chance of getting a job promotion and salary increase. If you are also a "modest" woman, don't miss this book.

My deepest passage:

Women need to be more open to career risks. When choosing a job, only one criterion is important, and that is whether it allows you to grow quickly. If someone invites you to board a rocket, don't ask where to sit after going up, you just need to go up.

3. How Women Rise

Book Review: How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen, Marshall Goldsmith

This book is jointly created by two outstanding leadership coaches. Sally is the world's outstanding female leadership expert and has 25 years of coaching experience in female leadership training; Marshall is the Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Academy of Management Leadership coach, his masterpiece is "No Tried and Tested Method".

The book lists 12 bad work habits that can undermine the advancement of women in the workplace. It is worth checking whether we have the same problems. The book cites men’s workplace performance as a positive case, encouraging women to develop their potential and exert greater value like men.

The book was recommended by a friend, at first saw the title of the book as very ordinary, lack of interest, but looking at me can not help but keep amazed that this is what I do.

The bad habit that basically allows every ordinary woman to sit on the account:

  • not mentioning their own contributions,
  • expecting others to discover their own contributions naturally;
  • too much emphasis on personal professionalism;
  • good popularity, but unable to ask others to do things;
  • not establishing one's own Personal alliance/team;
  • pay more attention to the job at hand instead of career development;
  • demand perfection and forget the priority of things;
  • always want to please others, but their expectations are constantly growing;
  • try to compress yourself;
  • be mixed with too much emotion, too candid, etc.

Wait. If you have the above bad habits, you must read this book.

My deepest passage:

Men actually hate women who always devalue themselves and always criticize themselves. They think that such female colleagues are too fake and not worthy of trust.

4. Own It: The Power of Women at Work

Book Review: Own It: The Power of Women at Work by Sallie Krawcheck

A career book was written by the Queen of Wall Street and former Citibank CEO Messally. Mei Sally shared how to have the Own It and methods to master career, family, and money, and tell women how to give full play to the energy in the body to go further and better in the workplace.

There are many books in the book that have the same views as the previously recommended "Lean In" and "How Women Rise", and the three authors are all successful women in high positions. It can be seen that successful women all have commonalities and follow their commonalities. If they can do this, women's careers will surely be able to move up a big ladder.

Although there are most of the same opinions, I still recommend reading this book, because this book lists some common female workplace disadvantages that are not mentioned in the other two books and gives the corresponding change guidance, Very useful.

My deepest passage:

Own It includes at least two things: first, goal, you have to know what you want; second, internal drive. Courage is not a moment of surviving, but when you fight on your knees and drums in your heart, you know how to move on.

5. 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

Book Review: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse

This book introduces the importance of time and how to save time in life and work. The in-depth work method used by Google and Apple starts with 15 small habits to increase productivity by 6 times.

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The reason why I recommend this book is that contemporary women are increasingly demanding, especially married and childbearing women, who are often required to take care of work and family at the same time.

Someone said that it is impossible to balance marriage and career, especially for those women who have just upgraded to motherhood and are busy with work. If a woman is successful in her career and family, there must be many people behind the family to help her. The fact is that most ordinary people cannot get good support from their families.

After I became a mother, I was reluctant to give up work, but I could not bear to seldom participate in the growth of my children for work. What I can do is to improve work efficiency and free up more time for family life. "15 Efficient Rules" is the most practical book I have ever read on how to work efficiently.

Improving work efficiency is also suitable for unmarried women in the workplace. Young girls, please cherish the good time unmarried and childbearing. Work seriously and efficiently; during non-working hours, you are free to try various kinds of food, make interesting friends, and take a trip that just walks away.

6. The Woman I Wanted to Be

Book Review: The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg

In the book, Diane looks back on her extraordinary life journey very frankly. Her story will ignite optimism and confidence in the hearts of readers of all ages.

Diane was born in Brussels in Belgium, in her good friend's ten-year-old life gathering, she saw the mother of Mi Rye, a top of Brussels, and founded the Belgian female entrepreneur organization, but also one Warrior who bravely rebellious war. The image of this woman is a woman who originally wanted to become.

"Woman I want to be", is very simple, but it is difficult to "become" and "women" two words because the woman is a hard thing, women want success to pay more than men. What's more, Diaian is still a wife, mother.

"My story is from marrying the prince." All fairy tales are to marry the prince as a successful end, but the story of Diana is starting here. She married her German in 1969 and was 22 years old. Austrian kings, Egypt, and a pair of children, seemingly happy marriages, behind the ridicule of royal staff, which inspires Diane to become an independent woman, she is also in the printing and dyeing plant in pregnancy. Interns insist on paying the bill, even if they have not taken a penny when they are divorced.

Independence is the first step in the woman she wants to be.

Love is also very important for a woman. Whoever loves, will make women be a look.

Diane once loved many times, once the perfume called "the volcano" called "Volcano" in Bali, and designed a bottle of fragrance; because of the loved people who do not like sexy costumes, they have changed their faces. A publisher. Almost a lot of love is also unfortunate. Diane married in 2001 with the 26 years of Barry. "My most important thing in me and Bari is that we all rely on ourselves. In the life of each other is not required, so this feels extra extravagance."

Diane loves people, love people make her the woman she wants to be.

Finally, it persists.

Adhere to one of the difficulties in the world.

Diane's mother was once a survivor of Nazi concentration, who had not had food. no water. No air. In the case of the toilet, I crowded into a bull in a whole four days; I smelled the smoking crematorium, when her captive companion said, "We will die", her mother will persist: " No, we will not die. We will live. "Duan inherited his mother's unyielding personality. This makes her experienced divorce, bankruptcy, and suffering after suffering from cancer, and finally became a woman she thought.

The current Diaian is 70 years old. She is actually the woman of her woman and has become a woman who wants to be a woman.

7. Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon

Book Review: Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life by Justine Picardie

The founder of the Chanel brand, Coco Chanel (1883—1971), this fashion leader has always been a mystery to the world. Her mysterious life, her elegance, fashion, and avant-garde, as well as her legend, are still People talked about it.

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This book describes the legendary life of Coke Chanel in the first person.

Talent, independence, love these three keywords that run through cocoa Chanel. Who can contact the elegant woman who is tall and rain in the fashion world in the future? Have to say, this is a miracle.

She lives in the monastery, she shows different people, Chanel loves to read, has a good hand in tailor. She is not willing to the status quo in adulthood, but I get rid of the poor to do my favorite career, I accidentally met the enemy's Baoshan, took her away from the mud. Then she did a lot of people's mistress, and he said that she was not a good woman.

But she is eager for love, life unmarried is not what she is eager for, and she has experienced a lover's betrayal, use, and lie. Slowly, she is hard to love someone, she married her work.

But she is indeed an attractive woman, no man in the novel does not have a great interest in her. Whether it is the most upset (lost lover), it is still the most dangerous (experienced two world wars), Chanel rarely emerged. Her lipstick, perfume is her weapon. And she also relying on another man to build a fashionable empire, designing the sports suit with liberation women, everyone sought after by the first five perfumes, classic small black skirt, etc.

Until today, the design concept of Coco Chanel is still much more, less. Clothes should not cover people's original physical properties, but make personal qualities more highly high. Every woman wants a small black dress, Chanel creates many different styles, suitable for women in a different body.

For work, she paid a lot. But it also works, let her forget the troubles, escaping the world's disruption. I admire such a woman, undoubtedly, Chanel is destined to be a legend.

8. Don't Marry Before You Are 30

Book Review: Don't Marry Before You Are 30 by Joy Chen

Joy has shown from personal experience that mature and independent women are more able to attract good men! As an elite headhunter, she will teach you how to plan your life accurately, get out of the marital illusion created by this society, and use the headhunting method to find your true destiny.

"Don't Get Married Before 30": The author, Joy Chen, is the youngest female mayor of Chinese descent in Los Angeles and the world's top elite headhunter. Getting married early is a leftover from the last century. Joy has shown through personal experience that mature and independent women are more attractive to good men!

As an elite headhunter, she will teach you how to plan your life accurately, and get out of the marital illusion created by this society, and use the headhunting method to find your true son.

9. Now, Discover Your Strengths

Book Review: Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham

"Women, Discover Your Advantages": Through a survey of 1.3 million women’s happiness, Markus Buckingham invented a powerful advantage recognizer to identify women’s innate advantages and demonstrated the nine life roles of women. Refreshingly effective and concise steps, so that we can easily obtain the advantage of life. You are only three steps away from happiness: discover your strengths, accept your strengths, and use your strengths.

I think the key points in the book is to say:

Success lies in controlling their weaknesses while giving over their own advantages, rather than in vain. The main way is to discover the advantage - the advantage of use - the success - enhance self-confidence. The reason for this point is from the personality of everyone It is difficult to change after the year. Look at this book, re-meet themselves, find the flashpoint on the body.

To be honest, this book has nothing new from the idea, is personalized. And I don't agree with the definition of talent (talent).

The research perspective is also a bit mean. But the numbers cannot explain everything, especially in the complicated subjects of human nature, but also because of the objective reasons such as cultural differences, we should pay attention to it when understanding and using this book.

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10. How Remarkable Women Lead

Book Review: How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life by Joanna Barsh

The Remarkable discoveries about what drives and sustains successful women leaders.

Based on five years of proprietary research, How Remarkable Women Lead speaks to you as no other book has, with its hopeful outlook and unique ideas about success. It's the new "right stuff" of leadership, raising provocative issues such as whether feminine leadership traits (for women and men) are better suited for our fast-changing, hyper-competitive, and increasingly complex world.

The authors, McKinsey & Company consultants Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston, establish the links between joy, happiness, and distinctive performance with the groundbreaking model of Centered Leadership.

The book's personal stories and related insights show you the magic that happens when you put the five elements of Centered Leadership–meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing–to work. They include:

How Alondra de la Parra built on her strengths and passions to infuse her life with meaning and make her way in the male-dominated world of orchestra conducting

How Andrea Jung, the CEO of Avon, avoided a downward spiral when the company turned down by "firing herself" on Friday and re-emerging on Monday as the "new" turnaround CEO

How Ruth Porat's sponsors at Morgan Stanley not only helped her grow but were also her ballast for coping with difficult personal and professional times

How Eileen Naughton recovered after losing her dream job, landing on her feet at Google, and open to a new leadership opportunity

How Julie Coates of Woolworth's Australia makes energy key to her professional success, with reserves for her "second shift" as wife and mother

How Remarkable Women Lead is both profoundly moving and actionable. Woman or man, you'll find yourself in its pages and emerge with a practical plan for breaking through at both works and in life.

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