Book Review: “Resilient Walker” by Dr. Shree Walker

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Book Review: “Resilient Walker” by Dr. Shree Walker

My reading schedule is pretty full and I had no plans to allow Dr. Shree Walker’s memoir to jump the line ahead of others I needed to read for research. A few unlikely things occurred that put her book in the front of the rotation and I’m glad they did.

I got a Facebook notification that “Resilient Walker” had accepted my friend request. I didn’t recall making the request but thought it possible because she was a graduate of my alma mater, Fisk University, and she was an author who would have interested me as well.

I always make an effort to ensure I’m dealing with an actual human being (“Resilient” didn’t sound like a real name) so I examined her timeline and found some motivational videos which were pretty powerful.

I saw that “Resilient Walker” was the name of Dr. Walker’s book and the subject matter regarding overcoming abuse was of particular interest to me as I have a good friend who was a victim of childhood abuse I thought might find the book of assistance.

I ordered the book and sent Dr. Walker an Inbox message indicating I had and looked forward to receiving it. She returned the message and suggested I read it myself and provide some feedback. I got the delivery in a couple of days and found her book to be an amazing story of perseverance, focus, and yes, resilience. I feel strongly enough about it to suggest that everyone should read this book whether you feel it applies to your life or not. It might help you to recognize the struggle in others who cannot yet speak about it.

Dr. Walker takes us on a non-linear progression through her past, hinting at the extent of the abuse but not sharing that until nearly the ending. We first learned about her ability to persevere, living an almost nomadic existence beginning in Compton, CA as a poverty-stricken child and ending up in Nashville, TN holding multiple degrees, teaching and motivating others to overcome their barriers. She talks about the power of faith without being preachy and makes you truly understand the fear that causes an abused child/adult to remain silent, blaming themselves.

“The sound of his feet shuffling across the floor sent a cold, merciless anxiety into my stomach. I would start to cry then, at the sound of his calloused feet scraping against the linoleum floor, edging toward my door. I couldn’t hide, I couldn’t escape, and the monster approached. He didn’t come from the closet, nor untuck himself from under the bed. He slowly traipsed in from my Momma’s bedroom.”

The book contains but isn’t about pain and suffering. It’s about overcoming and positivity. Dr. Walker focuses on using the past to learn for the future. Her ten core beliefs serve as a model for anyone to follow to change their situation for the better. One finishes this work upbeat and ready to face demons and tear down strongholds.

I can only imagine what it took to re-live all her experiences and share them with the world. She holds nothing back and knows what work she has yet to do. I’ll be happy to share this with my friend; a guide showing the way forward from someone whose been there before.

Resilient Walker

Resilient Walker Book by Dr. Shree Walker Author/Educator/Motivational Speaker I've walked this path of silent tears…

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