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Best Royal Girl Attitude Status and Quotes for WhatsApp

Best Royal Girl Attitude Status and Quotes for WhatsApp

By onlinestatusquotesPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

**Best Royal Girl Attitude Status and Quotes for WhatsApp**

Here are Best Royal Girl Attitude Status and Quotes for WhatsApp

1. ◦ My face is attractive than yours. And I have a clean character. I have a unique style and a beautiful smile.

2. ◦ Don’t do my comparison with others. There’s no competition and rivalry.

3. ◦ You should never care about other people’s opinions of you. You are born to make an amazing life for yourself, not just to impress others who don’t even care about you.

4. ◦ Be as bright as the sun. Continue to shine and let them burn.

5. ◦ I am a strange and weird combination of ‘too good’ and ‘too bad’.

6. ◦ My attitude reflects my knowledge, not my ego.

7. ◦ You can copy me but you cannot do that like me.

8. ◦ Those who do not give respect to me do not have my regard. People say that this is an attitude. But it’s not an attitude. It is self respect which one is supposed to have.

9. People talk about me because if they talked about themselves nobody would listen.

10. ◦ If your ego speaks to me then i will respond to you by my attitude.

  • ◦ I am not made to wipe tears. I destroy the minds of those people who created them.
  • ◦I am not the kind of cigarette that you’ll smoke and crush. I am just like a drug. You’ll be addicted to me and beg for me.
  • ◦Don’t think that if i am kind to you, i am only that. If you’re selfish, then I’ll also be rude to you.
  • ◦Busy? Actually no. It’s just that you’re not a priority.
  • ◦This is my life not yours. Don’t worry about what i do.
  • ◦She never cared about having a crown on her head. She preferred a sword as she was a fighter.
  • ◦You think I’ll cry for you? Baby your dad doesn’t pay for my makeup.
  • ◦When people don’t find any flaws within you. They create it.
  • ◦If you hate me. I don’t even care. Life goes with or without you.
  • ◦Yes i am single. Because i don’t require company for me to succeed. My education and my career is my highest priority.

———————- best royal girl attitude status and quotes for Whatsapp ————————

  • ◦Don’t take my humbleness, kindness and politeness for granted. I can be so rude that will be out of your expectations.
  • ◦My attitude is similar to a rate card. It shows how valuable i am.
  • ◦I don’t treat people badly. I treat them accordingly.
  • ◦When someone says you have changed. Yes. I recently updated my version.
  • ◦Every girl is a doll. Either Barbie or Annabelle.
  • ◦Strong wonen don’t have attitude. They have huge standards.
  • ◦No love no pain. Stay single always. There’s no pain.
  • ◦As for all my brave girls, I’ll raise them to think they are queens. And if they work hard in life, no body can stop them from achieving what they want in life.
  • ◦She went through so many problems and overcame everything that came her way. This shows her integrity.
  • ◦God is within me. I will not fail.
  • ◦If my actions don’t revolve around you. I advise you also to not be concerned with my life.
  • ◦I am my own muse.
  • ◦Be the game changer.
  • ◦I am a women who is full of courage and strength. And i have plenty of people by my side who love me.
  • ◦You keep on your jealousy and selfishness alive. I will just keep my personality and kindness alive.
  • ◦Replacing me might be very easy for you. But finding a person with a vibe like mine is impossible. I can assure you that.
  • ◦Don’t be a girl who only needs a man in her life. Be the type of girl a man needs.
  • ◦Walk like a Queen. Or walk like it doesn’t matter who the queen is.
  • ◦I am aware that i am rare.
  • ◦Sorry but my attitude is bad when i am tired and hurt.

———————- best royal girl attitude status and quotes for Whatsapp ————————

  • ◦May all my enemies and the people who didn’t believe in me live a long life that they can see me live a better life in front of their eyes.
  • ◦It’s my turn darling. Now just watch and learn from the Queen.
  • ◦If you have stopped talking to me, you should also stop talking about me in front of other people too.
  • ◦I am a girl who pays her own bills.
  • ◦Girl with brain. Woman with attitude. Deadly combination.
  • ◦I am not rude. I just say things that other people find intimidating to say.
  • ◦I am like a drug. I let them die for me.
  • ◦I don’t care if you see me because i never want to see you at all.
  • ◦I love it when people doubt me and my life choices. It gives me more motivation to work harder so that i can prove them wrong.
  • ◦Don’t let anyone tell you that being ambitious is not cool. Keep working on your ambitions. You just need concentration, hard-work and integrity.

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