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How can you choose between so many brands of boxing gloves? How to know which ones fit you?

By Zeshan Haider AbidPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Not all boxers have big hands, as you might be surprised to learn. One of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather, has tiny hands.

If you have small hands and trying to choose the suitable fightx MMA boxing gloves for yourself, you could be able to find them. But don’t worry; we will give you the best MMA and Boxing gloves for small hands in this collection. Well, we have tested a lot of boxing gloves throughout the years in our gym, and we can tell you which are the best boxing gloves for people with small hands.

How can you choose between so many brands of boxing gloves? How to know which ones fit you?

We at Way of Martial Arts and our students have tried gloves from many brands. Some of those gloves were in our gym, and some our students bought and brought to us to try. We concluded that these gloves are the best choice for small hands for you. We will now go into detail about every one of these gloves, which size you should choose, and why we think they are great for you, especially if you have tiny hands.

Unlike the other gloves, fightx has open fingers, which gives you another thing to look out for when choosing them, especially if you have small hands. You have to be sure the gloves won’t move on your hands, have a snug fit, and offer excellent protection; that’s precisely what we have found in fightx MMA gloves.

What’s also great about them is their versatility. They are great for bag workouts, grappling, and sudden floor exercises. You don’t need to take them off or change them. They offer excellent MMA knuckles protection, which is probably the most important thing here, and protection from blisters and bleeding.

We have found that fightx gloves are the best for our students with small hands, and we would also recommend them to you. Ok, to get the first ‘major’ thing out of the way, Fightx gloves look fantastic, and we all know how important that is in boxing. But to get to the point, the design and quality of these gloves are one of the best. They are fantastic. The stitching and leather are just unique.

What’s also great about them is that they do not develop an odor over time, which is something that we rarely see in our gym, unfortunately. When many people train with the same gloves, you must change them regularly because, after some time, washing doesn’t help anymore. As you can see, there is nothing to worry about if you have small hands, and there are certainly some great gloves for people with small hands.

They have very vivid colors, and leather construction is well-made, sturdy, and durable.Also, these gloves are not as big and clumsy as many others we have had a chance to try.It’s worth to invest a few extra bucks in a pair of gloves that will last long, instead of buying cheap ones and taking the risk of injuring the wrist or the knuckles.

What is very important for people with small hands is that they fit excellently, won’t slip off your hands, and have a snug fit. You can’t go wrong with fightx boxing gloves.

Additionally, the wraparound hook and loop wristband are easy to use and are designed to provide a better fit for greater comfort and control. Well, we have tested a lot of boxing gloves throughout the years in our gym, and we can tell you which the best boxing gloves are for people with small hands.

We have put on the test all those mentioned above and concluded that you should go for fightx MMA gloves if you have small hands for MMA training.

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