Being in Tune with People's Energy: The Mirror Effect

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They don't like what they see in the mirror.

Being in Tune with People's Energy: The Mirror Effect

Vibrations and energy are real.

Law of Vibration: Everything in the universe vibrates at different speeds, including you.

What we don’t have in common is the frequency in our vibration. Some people vibrate on a higher plane and these people notice lower plane individuals when they come across them.

Law of Energy: Energy can not be created, nor destroyed.

We are all energy. Our physical body may die, but our minds don’t. Energy changes forms.

If something or someone feels disingenuous then more than likely you are right.

You are not paranoid.

Instinct is a key tool we were given for our survival. In 2018, I believe it is fair to say we do not trust ourselves enough to understand how powerful our mind is due to the distractions of life. Your 9-to-5 job may not call for you to make instinctual decisions.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and they immediately hated you?

Everyone has.

Chances are they vibrate at a lower frequency.

People who are at a lower frequency tend to wear a mask throughout the entire duration of their life. They hide most aspects of their personality to fit in: Followers vs. Leaders.

Anything that threatens to expose this false self—intentional or subconsciously—causes feeling of rage, dislike, or even hate.

People who are at a higher frequency tend to be self aware, confident, and uninterested/unbothered by the judgment of others (everything the lower plane people don’t have). There may have been times they wore a mask, but at this point in life they are their true authentic self.

When someone on a lower plane interacts with a person on a higher plane they are confronted with everything they are not.

For example, your energy may EXUDE confidence. People on a lower plane can feel that and be intimidated. As humans, sometimes we know not of what we do. All they know is that it is a trait they don’t have and you are making them feel uncomfortable.

Higher plane people can usually pick up on this and be confused as to why they are being rejected. Most people will tell you, you are paranoid. I’m telling you, you are not.

Trust yourself. Your mind and brain are two different things. Your spirit lives within your mind. Your mind is energy. Energy can never be destroyed. Unlock it.

- System of a Down

Deviant Devour
Deviant Devour
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