Being Broken Is Essential for Your Success

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Being Broken Is Essential for Your Success

Have you ever realized that at a low point, things feel as though they are falling apart, and there is, what some would think, "no hope," only to come out on the other side, stronger, wiser in decision making, and less fearful of what may come?

We tend to fall into the norm of everyday life–our security blanket of the normal job we have, the daily encounter with people we know, and even just arriving home to our significant other and our children if you have any–only to replay the same exact life tomorrow, or the next day.

Sometimes we need to be broken, readjusted, and reshaped into what we are made to become, however be aware this may not happen all at once, and can be very painful in nearly every way; physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It may also take time to break down the outer shell to find the deep rooted parts of us to make the major change we are looking for, so we can strive to become the best image of ourselves, and this is the building process that takes place.

Some of us may need a little more “massaging” than others, but in the end, if the focus is truly becoming the best version of you, it can be done… so be PATIENT.

First, start by identifying what needs to be changed, and take time to remove yourself from outside influences to build your personal strength. Give yourself time to think, without the distraction of outside sources, and allow for your brain to slow down. If need be, put yourself in temporary isolation, or “Cherith” (a place of isolation that can cut yourself off from everything).

In doing this, you may then start to separate from the outside influences, allowing for internal growth. This is a cutting away process to find your true self, along with truly seeing what you were made to do by finding and exploring your passions, and seeking what is most important. I would like to mention that this will be difficult, as many of us are prone to seeking outside affirmation for what we are doing. But this will show your obedience to yourself… Just be PATIENT, and watch.

This small act of obedience will provide all you need and more; and don’t worry, you will survive without your cellphone and without social media for a short period of time. This will also show that there is no need to completely depend on outside sources to make you the person that you are.

I would also suggest that you pay attention to what we are surrounded with. We sometimes will have people, places, or things come into our lives that we would never expect, that teach us such a significant lesson that's not clear until after the fact. This is when we need to realize that the situation was exactly where we needed to be for our growth.

Next, you will start to find where your next move should be, but try not to move too fast. I mentioned earlier, be PATIENT. Try not to force what you think you may want now, because that may be the lesson you are missing.

I have put myself in many situations where I was impatient. I forced many doors open, only to learn tough lessons on where I should not have been in the moment. Whether I did this to learn, or because of pride, I have grown, and I'm now able to take these lessons into consideration daily, and make this part of who I am, while guiding others and mentoring them.

Think about this for a moment, where are you right now, does it feel stagnant? Are you getting tired of what you’re doing? Is the season you’re in drying up? Or is that feeling something that you are putting on yourself? Can you still grow where you are? If not, what’s your next move?

Like I just mentioned, we may be led to a place where things seemed to have dried up, but YOU could just be the one that can make the environment thrive. We are led to certain places for times in our life to make a change, either for us, or help someone else… but there is a reason we ended up there. Remind yourself that just because I’m not getting something that I want NOW, maybe I need to stay put. You will know when it’s time.

This is why it is also very important to use a personal road map to help in guiding where you think you may want to end up… not saying that it’s going to happen, but it helps in finding a desired outcome, and end result.

Everyday we are all led down different roads and paths, some rockier than others, but still, each has its own set of challenges. In this instance, should you take the bull by the horns, and run off and find your own path? NO! this is when you need to focus on finding out what areas of your life are lacking growth, and start to “cut away” the old surface, and find what lies beneath; the fresh, new life; and this can be done by being proactive.

Cutting off all the things of the self-life, and finding you, can be the greatest thing one can ever do! Depending on something greater than yourself, and being obedient to your internal voice, can help in personal growth. Even though hard times will come… find out why they are there, and IF there was something that could have changed the overall outcome. Then ask, what did I learn? What could I have done different? Was it something that I could have controlled? Finally, where does this fall into my passions or desires within my life, and how can I grow from this?

The only thing you control is your personal actions and emotions, everything else is influenced by an outside source.

Erik scott
Erik scott
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