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Be a man of culture

by Aaron 2 months ago in advice
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Man is the length of all things. His small body contains the nature of heaven and earth. However, the difference in cultivation will create various qualities of man.

Man is the length of all things. His small body contains the nature of heaven and earth. However, the difference in cultivation will create various qualities of man.

There are gentle jade modest gentleman, there is a sword domineering king, and naturally there are dark and wretched people, different connotation on the performance of a variety of different characters, it is these differences created the society. Conduct and cultivation are inside and outside each other, just like being rooted in the ground. Although people cannot see it with the naked eye, only with it can they grow tender leaves and blossom beautiful flowers of character.

People are like potted plants. They need to be trimmed and trimmed constantly to shape their life into a perfect art. People are born the same, clean and clear as a sheet of white paper. In the process of growing up, some people retain this purity, while some people in the complicated society, lost themselves, no longer pure. So life in the cultivation of two words, to constantly to prune their own, constantly absorb the sun, will shape themselves into a pure character, personality pure person.

Everyone has his own world, with culture to purify every corner, in order to make the small world bloom a big miracle. Many people compare society to a big dye VAT, in which everyone in the society is soaked. But there is no lack of those out of the mud and not dyed, Zhuo Qinglian and not demon people, they clean pure do not contain any impurities, still have a pure heart, the world can still not flow in the secular. Culture can make us free from the masses, even in a variety of bad and dirty environment, culture can also make our character pure as before. Culture is like rain, gently washing the society in people's hearts left stains, we also a white and flawless inner world.

Self-cultivation is actually a way of self-improvement. Who can guarantee that we are never confused in society? Only by constantly cultivating oneself can we keep our own nature, can we still keep our pure heart in the society, stand firm in the tide of all kinds of drift, and firmly do ourselves. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Every day you change a little bit, from quantity to quality. Grasp every detail, maintain a good character, perhaps not imagined in so difficult.

Self-cultivation not only needs to constantly take care of themselves, but also needs to draw strength from the outside world, continue to learn, and continue to enrich themselves. Every day toward the sun, will be their roots to extend deeper. Then, the character will be like proudly standing on the cliffs of the pine and cypress. We learn from the experience of our predecessors, so that we can build a complete life, value, world outlook; From reading books so that we stand on the shoulders of giants, can improve their ideological realm, so as to better improve self-cultivation, maintain their own character.

No one is perfect. Take the scissors of cultivation, and good character begins.

Whenever we see someone in trouble do not panic, chaos do not panic, modest, generous people doing things, our hearts will arise spontaneously a kind of respect. Some people, every move, every move, every twinkle and smile, and even a greeting, can bring people a kind of. Comfortable, harmonious, wonderful feeling. This kind of beauty is not in appearance, no matter your appearance is beautiful or ugly, no matter your figure is tall and strapping; This kind of beauty, do not do, do not need your deliberate imitation; This kind of beauty, no decoration, no name brand, wear name brand; This kind of beauty, all the time radiates a kind of extremely attractive personality charm. This is the concrete manifestation of a cultured person.


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