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Avani Lekhara: Biography of the Paralympics Gold Medalist

by Beast For 6 months ago in celebrities
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Avani Lekhara (Paralympic Medalist) Height, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More

Avani Lekhara is a Paralympic medalist in the long jump event. Avani has been competing for India since 2008 and has won many medals across various events. Avani was born with cerebral palsy, which affects her right leg and hand movements. Avani's main goal is to be independent and move around without any help or assistance from anyone else.

In this blog post we will take a look at Avani lekhara biography, how she came about winning paralympics gold medal in 2021 and what her future plans are after that!

Avani Lekhara Biography Avani was born on the 29 th of January 2001 in Mumbai, India. Avani lekhara biography tells us that she is currently 16 years old and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Avani's coach has been with her since 2008 and this has helped Avani to grow as an athlete and keep improving!

Avani began participating at a national level during 2010-2011 where she won medals for both athletics events namely 100m race sprints as well as long jump event. Avani continued winning many medals throughout 2011 - 2013 which also included gold medal wins too!

After few more successful years by 2012 Avani became one of top ranked athletes within the Indian Paralympics Committee who was able to represent India at international events. Avani lekhara biography shows us that Avani has been representing India from the year 2008 and has represented her country in many world stages as well as Asian games.

In 2012 Avani was selected for Incheon 2014 Commonwealth Games where she won a bronze medal for long jump event which was then followed up by another silver medal win during 2018 commonwealth games! Avani Lekhara Biography further tells us that Avani's hard work on training had paid off, with both these medals being first ever gold medals won on Paralympics level.

Avni also participated in Rio 2016 paralympic games but unfortunately didn't manage to win any medals there due to injury problems of right leg. Avani lekhara biography tells us that Avni had re-started training again for 2020 Tokyo Paralympic games and was very hopeful of winning gold medal at this event!

Unfortunately, Avani didn't manage to win any medals during the Tokyo 2020 paralympics which is when she decided to take a break from sports in order to focus on her academics as well as health issues with right leg injury. Avani Lekhara Biography further informs us that Avani will be returning back into sports by 2021 where she has been preparing herself for long jump events of Para Athletics Championships held in Dubai. During this championship, Avjni won not just one but two gold medals too - first ever double gold medal wins during a single championship for Avani!

Avani has been training very hard since then and looking forward to participating at the next Paralympics games during 2024 where she hopes of bringing home more gold medals. Avjni's coach is also confident that Avani will win many medals at this event too so it seems like Avani lekhara biography isn't going to stop any time soon!

Avani Lekhara Short Biography

  • Real Name - Avani Lekhara
  • Profession - Para Shooter
  • Famous For - Being the first Indian woman to win two Paralympic medals
  • Height - 1.60 m
  • Eye Colour - Black
  • Hair Colour - Black
  • Shooting Debut - 2017: World Cup Tournament at Al Ain, UAE
  • Event (10m air rifle standing SH1)
  • Personal Coach Name - Suma Siddharth Shirur
  • National Coach Name - Subhash Rana
  • Hometown - Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • School Name - Kendriya Vidyalaya in Jaipur
  • College/University - University of Rajasthan
  • Affairs/Boyfriends - Not known
  • Husband/Spouse - N/A
  • Mother Name- Shweta Lekhara (state government tax officer)
  • Father Name - Praveen Lekhara (state government tax officer)
  • Educational Qualification(s) - Graduate
  • Hobbies - Music, watching films and television, cooking, baking

Avani Lekhara Facts

Avani Lekhara is an Indian athlete who won a gold medal in the 10m air rifle standing competition at Tokyo Paralympics by defeating her opponent from China, Zhang Cuiping. She also clinched bronze medals for 50 meter shooting events and as part of Team India secured them 4th overall position among other countries competing with athletes having disabilities.

Avanie was supported financially through GoSports Foundation's Para Champions Programme where they provided equipment needed during training sessions/competitions like rifles themselves which she practiced using after receiving coaching on how best suit personal skills available due to injury sustained before Olympics Games Rio 2016 (she had injured wrist).

Paraplegic since the age of 11, Tingting has always been aware and appreciative of her disability. Her love for sports led to archery but it wasn't until she found shooting that truly made an impact on this young girl with so much hope ahead; who had once wanted nothing more than being independent like any other kid around town — going out without needing anyone's help or approval.

In 2015, she started shooting at Jagatpura Sports Complex in Jaipur. In 2016 and 2017 She won several medals for India including a silver from Al Ain Para Shooting World Cup UAE with an assault rifle event. The inspiration to choose this sport came when former Olympic champion Abhinav Bindra recommended it as one that would suit her style well because of its fast pace action which allows you full control over your skillset

In May 2018 Freya Carrachha became the first British para-shooter ever win two Gold Medals on consecutive days at Bisley being partook by Disabled People's International - Great Britain team againstnormal competition

In 2017, Avani won a silver medal at the Dubai Paralympics. She was welcomed home in abundance after winning her second-place finish and made us all proud with what she had accomplished! Her sports philosophy is "Life consists not in holding good cards but rather playing those you hold well."

In 2019, Avani shared a post on Instagram where she compared her two pictures after ten years of the accident. The first picture is how it was when she was just an ordinary girl and now in the other photo you can see that there are scars from burns all over her body because 10 years ago this would have been unthinkable for anyone- let alone someone as beautiful as herself! As if things weren't bad enough before with what happened at 2 am one night long ago but luckily they're not anymore thanks to those brave souls who came forward earlier than expected which gave us hope going forward too."

In 2020, in conversation with the Times of India Avani Lekhara revealed her situations related to being disabled and shooting. She explained how she has no feeling below or including her waist due to a spinal cord injury so she still needs daily exercise for this part of body even though it's difficult because at times there isn't enough space where people can come visit without causing traffic issues which causes long travel distances between destinations;

"My physiotherapist comes from across Jaipur just too help me stretch my legs," said Ms Lekshara "It took awhile before we found someone who could do all three things--heal injuries through massage therapy sessions but also provide physical training exercises on top."

It was hard to contain her joy when she set a Paralympic world record and scored 249.6 points in the 2020 Tokyo Games, but P Karthi kept it together by saying that there are still many more medals for this athlete who's been giving everything every time out on the field!

Avani Lekhara is a pet lover. She often posts pictures of her dog, Rhesus Macaque on social media account to show how much it loved by posting photos with its owner at home and in nature.

After becoming the first Indian women Para shooter to win this medal after winning gold during 2020 Tokyo Paralympics game, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Avani by tweeting “ Congratulations @Avani for bringing India's proud record yet again!"

She dedicated her gold medal to the whole of India. She said, "This isn't mine; it's for all of us."

Her words resonated with Indians who had watched Paralympics on TV or attended street parties across the country after winning medals in 2020 Tokyo Games—a rare occurrence at Olympic level anywhere else but there were many similarities between these two events because they both celebrate disability sports and encourage participation without discrimination by means accessible for everyone including those living below poverty line.

Avani Lekhara Achievements

Avani Lekhara created history in Nisnewaji on 30 August as she became the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at the Paralympics.

19-year old Avani Lekhar finished with a world record total of 249, which is also new an Olympic Record!

She equaled her own standing World Records and won Women’s 10m Air Rifle Standing event for Sitting Positions (SH1).

The physiotherapist's all important routine got disrupted due to lockdown from 2020 but still managed to perform well remembering Bindra 2011 Autobiography as inspiration source during competition."


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