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All A Choice

by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Every now and then, people will do something that will make you say, “I can’t believe that they did that.” Well, sad to say, they did it. People don’t realize how hard it is to come across genuine people. Going behind people’s back is a terrible thing to do. Tell the truth regardless.

Some people in the world are very ungrateful. They don’t even thank the Lord for waking them up in the morning. That’s quite sad. I wasn’t aware that you wake up on your own every day. But some people are all for themselves and they don’t care who knows it and who doesn’t. Selfishness is a trait that too many people have.

Being the center of attention is not a positive trait. You have to consider the fact that you are not the only person in the world that needs something. In life, sometimes people have to take losses, but the center of attention person needs to know that they are going to have to take a loss sometimes because there are other people in the world that need help too. Realize that.

But people who want to be the center of attention only care about themselves. Its either their way or no way at all. They go behind people’s backs all the time. There is no loyalty. They want their way, period point blank. They don’t realize that they are only hurting themselves.

People these days want to know why they cant seem to find genuine people in the world. Its not that you can’t find them; you had some genuine people in your life, but your ego got in the way, and they walked away from you. That’s why its not good to act like you need all the attention. Key word being “need.”

Genuine people still exist. Who wants to continue to put up with someone that can’t be honest or that carries drama and bs all the time? Stuff like that turns people against you. It’s hard to be friends with a liar and someone who has more drama in their life than a soap opera.

Speaking of liars, that’s another reason why you can’t find genuine people. Lying gets you nowhere because you tell 1 lie, then you have to tell more to match the 1st one, then before long, you are swimming in a pool of lies that you can’t get out of. Honesty is the best policy.

You should tell people the truth, whether they get mad or not. People will not have the response you expect them to have when you tell them something but if its going to benefit them, tell them anyway. It’s best to tell the truth and the person get mad at you, than it is to hide a lie and cause more problems down the road.

TV is a prime example of lying. I see things on tv like this all the time and I think to myself, if someone did me like that, I would be ready to be fight but then I re-evaluate and realize that the person was not a friend from the beginning and in some cases, the person is a family member. If it’s a family member, that’s even worse. Family members harbor certain secrets from one another that should be brought to the surface. Family secrets can be horrible. That’s a primary example of going behind your back.

I also believe that when somebody is helping you do something, that’s the last person you need to cross. If somebody is taking time out of their schedule, if they have one to help you with whatever, you shouldn’t be trying to do them dirty. That’s the problem with the world now.

To end this story, I want to say: Selfish is your ego but sacrifice is a quality.


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