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Adversity & Depression is NOT the End! I Overcame!

by Motivation with Margaret about a year ago in advice

We find our true identity, strength, and character through life's storms.

Life can be an exceedingly difficult thing to figure out. Unfortunately, we can't choose what we will go through in this life, but we can choose how we react to each circumstance that we face, for this plays a vital role in how we come out on the other side of the storms of life or if we will survive our and come out at all. I believe that everything that happens in each of our lives, has a purpose and only lasts for a season and for a reason. We may not understand the purpose of what we're going through at the moment, but in everything that we go through in this life, there are two outcomes - something that will further ENHANCE our lives or a LESSON that we needed to learn.

Many storms in my life lead me to severe depression (being molested at age 11, raped at age 16, and being in an abusive marriage) for all of my adult life, but I learned to transform my mindset and found the strength and the determination that I needed to rise above adversity and depression and vow to never succumb to it. Where therapy and medication didn't work to help me overcome severe depression, I found strength in POSITIVE thinking and had the comfort that all the things that I was facing were a 'stepping stone' that would help lead me down the right path and would reveal my purpose in life. The power of positive thinking helped me tremendously and can help us in our most difficult times to keep pushing and to come out on the other side better than we were before. Oftentimes, we learn an invaluable lesson from difficult circumstances in our lives - that we are much stronger than we thought we were.

Adversity is a growth and development mechanism - to build character and GREATNESS. The true essence of who we are is derived from the difficult challenges in life and adversity that we go through and triumph over, to shape and mode us into who we are and prepares us for facing life throughout every stage. We learn our identity, strength, and character through adversity. As difficult as it is sometimes to accept life tragedies; if we want to be ok after our most difficult challenges in life, we must learn to adopt a positive mindset - while still in the storm and to know that just because we are facing adversity at the moment - it doesn't mean that life is over, but rather, helps us in hindsight - discover new things about ourselves and learn our true purpose in life.

We need to always tell ourselves that we will get through our difficult times. In some way, we MUST find the inner strength to face every adverse circumstance in our lives with a positive mindset - knowing that there will be a light at the end of the dark tunnel, but we won't find it if we can't retrain and refrain our minds to get rid of all negativity. It is IMPERATIVE that we find strength at our weakest and darkest times in life, to transform our minds to see that there is a POSITIVE in every situation, no matter how difficult it may be, such as this difficult time in America - fighting COVI-19. Many lives have been lost and families changed forever, depression and suicide are on the rise, but we MUST know that life is not over and while yet in the midst of a HORRIFIC pandemic, we need to find comfort that this is ONLY a temporary situation, it's NOT the end - and life will go on.

Unfortunately, a part of developing and growing in life is, we must face many very difficult challenges, but finding the strength and a way to get back up EVERY time life knocks us down is the key to SUCCESS and true HAPPINESS. If we can stay positive, no matter how difficult a situation may seem - it is then, and only then, will we be able to triumph above the adversity and can fulfill our purpose in life - even after the most difficult time in American history - a HORRIFIC pandemic.

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