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Abandon Storage Auction in your Area

Final Reminder

By Dave WettlauferPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

This is how my day starts; My Blackberry cell phone rings, the text says, "FINAL REMINDER." Abandon Storage Locker Auction in your area.

Well, I say to myself ... self, you did ok the last time with finding that motorcycle under all those bags of garbage and cardboard boxes.

Where good for another round.

So as I started logging into the storage auction site to bid, it asks me my password like it always does, except I forgot what it was. I give the auction company a password, nope, I give them another, nope not that one nether, I better hurry, when they provide an auction notice there usually over well ---as I look at my watch, soon.

"Honey, do you know where I put my SMALL BLACK NOTEBOOK with all my passwords in it."

"JUST WHERE YOU LEFT IT … dear! Was the reply."

Well, my situation hasn't changed much, eh, but after rooting through mounds of antique collectors newsprint, I found my Little Black Notebook, AND … like she said, "and you have to hate this part," "Right where I left it"

Now I'm back in business and ready to bid like I was a high roller from Las Vegas!

Dam, but I hate these online auctions!

Live Abandon Storage Auctions are my favorite ones, except this sucker is online. After saying that, I hate those most;

Oh, I already said that, BUT I HATE UM!

They give you poor photos; you can’t get the locker's feel good bad or ugly. The fun the excitement and most of all, your sixth sense is taken away and with only inferior photos to view.

I suspect this employee found a brightest sunny day to do his locker photo shoot. This turkey takes two pictures, one photo showing him breaking the lock and "da" the front of the locker door, and the second photo of a dark black locker room.

That's just downright stupid on their part.

But we seasoned locker entrepreneurs have a secret to use for these deliberate and intentional poorly lit photos. You can always brighten up a dark picture and see what's lurking in the darkness but, you can't darken an overexposed image.

After doing my magic with Photoshop, I see boxes, lots of packages, garbage bags tucked in the back of the room. An old mattress for the dump and ….. WHAAAT'S this?

An old 18-century Secretary's desk hidden in the corner.

"I wonder if it's one of them. I said to myself."

After logging in and making sure that my password worked that I found in my Little Black Book's, I said to myself, I don't need any surprises when I bid. Now I'm going to wait until the last ---- minute.

I lowballed the bid, and lucky me, I ended up being the proud owner of this junk --- I mean storage locker gold.

Well, I didn't pay much, but by the looks of things, it does look like I bought a job!

Anyway, I'm the new owner, and through all reality, the excitement of the unknown, what you could find, what will I see? That’s the fun part, making money, "well that comes first."

But you never know what you could find.

I didn't pay much, and I was only interested in the desk anyway. If I'm really lucky it may hold some dark secrets that it wants to share with pupa? After rooting through my new find, half the storage contents went to Good Will, some went to the Habitat For Humanity, the city landfill got their share, and now ---- I'm down to the desk.

Flip down door to do your writing, and a slide-out draws for your office supplies and unopen letters tucked in the slots, and after looking it over closely, yup this is one of them.

After looking at the desk, I noticed one particular thing, as I'm pulling on the draws, some aren't as deep as the others, and that's ... the place you look. Jamming my fingers up into the slot, I felt an indent and bushed up, and the unsuspecting door pops out.

All Ready Then! it's full of turn of the century "junk ?" jewelry. After looking a little more closely there was another thin stand-up drawer that nobody would have suspected being there. In all indications it looked like part of the trim. Well, that was the whole purpose of secret compartments, to hid things from the evil prodding eyes.

As I pulled back this hidden drawer an old envelope slid out that probably hasn't seen the light of day for many years.

I cautiously lifted the tong of the envelope and, I couldn't believe my eyes: bills, large bills, small bills and even stock shares of some unknown company. Maybe a Blackberry or an old Bell stock; I heard they're going up in price.

As I'm looked the front of the desk over for more secrets, I notice … "The kick trim on the front of the desk …. It looks .. a .. little SUSPICIOUS! "

Anyway, it was a good day.

A general estimate of my locker find 20,000 dollars or more if the Bell stock were worth anything and the Blackberry, well it’s showing some promise on the stock market.

Welcome to my storage locker find and the exciting world of Dave

Good thing I found my small black notebook or I wouldn't have been 20,000 dollars richer. Eh! The End,


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Canadian writer Classic Cars is my specialty. Versed in many please CLICK this LINK to read more of my stories. To show appreciation, hit that heart ❤ button.

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