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A Map Of Life

by Annelise Lords 13 days ago in success

What do you see when you look at your life?

Image by Annelise Lords

Some hearts see perfection; others see the opposite. But the happy and creative souls compose perfection from their imperfections.

Imagine that this image above is a map of your life. It's not a color thing for me. It's an artistic expression. You can make your life what you want it to be. It can be as colorful as a rainbow, as real as a sunset, or as hopeful as a sunrise. You can do what you want with your life, no matter where you start.

First, must find the door, the route, the road, the gateway to our dreams so that we will be able to live and enjoy the life we want. This is the first stage or the starting point. Life goes around in circles, and humans learn in stages.

 Some life lessons must be taught, learned, and understood at a certain age to have value and meaning, thus giving our life a purpose. Being alive and staying alive without a cycle of problems following us relies on our knowledge and understanding of life and our world. 

Depending on how and what we were taught, how we learn, what we want from life, and the knowledge we accumulate, some go right,

Image by Annelise Lords

others go left

Image by Annelise Lords

Whether we understand or not, we must move on to the next stage, or life will leave us behind. It won't wait for us. Each of us goes in different directions.

Life lessons are on every angle.

Our direction tells the world and our loved ones a lot about us, even as children.

The first 90 degrees is stage one. We must not jump this stage. If we do, it will be a costly decision that could force many of us back to the starting point. We need essential life lessons that will guide us along the right path. Plus, looking carefully at the map/ your life, your knowledge of life will tell you that something is missing.

Opportunities, resources, growth, education, maturity, and other factors will aid in us moving in the right direction. Ignorance, indiscipline, and other elements will stifle growth, slows down advancement, and push us in failure's direction.

Self and life awareness are critical.

Life will force some of us to move to the next stage. Sensible people don't wait on life to make any decisions for them. 

Life is a teacher, and it teaches without bias.

Whether we understand or not, we must move on to the next stage, or life will leave us behind. It won't wait for us.

Image By Annelise Lords

At 180 degrees angle, the map looks right for me, though incomplete for others.

Perfect too, and that is enough for some of us. However, the unsatisfied, curious, innovative, more ambitious, and some would say greedy, will want to know what's on the other side.

Satisfaction in one's life is the gateway to happiness.

The wrong decision will push you away from your goal. That path is paved with lessons, new ideas, knowledge, wisdom, strength, understanding, etc., for positive people.

But frustration will be the cry for negative people.

The strong, innovative, and self-aware ones will go back to safe mode or a happier point. Curiosity can be a weapon, so are bad choices and decisions. It can pull us back to our starting point, along with regrets.

Image by Powerpoint and Annelise Lords

At 270 degrees, depending on your direction from your starting point, advancement is an option that comes with a price. Examining the map of your life, if you don't like what you see, your expertise will guide you to make better choices and decisions.

From here it's restart or return. If you should choose to restart, it can be wisdom because life is always teaching us something.

Don't ever turn off or disable learning mode.

At 360 degrees, for some of us, life and living have more value than age. Restart is more manageable if lessons of failure are acknowledged, accepted, addressed, and turned into advantages.

Study the map of life you were born in. If there are areas to improve your life, go ahead. Use it to plan your life. Take the time to know the routes your life takes, then make the right choices.

 It's okay to fall! 

It's okay to falter!

 It's okay to fail!

 But it's not okay to stay down! It's not okay to give up!

Rise after each fall. Stand up tall after each mistake. Learn vital life lessons from every wrong decision.

Create an exceptional and unique design for your life.

Look at the beautiful map call your life, live and love the beauty of life. 

Your life!

This image was created when I pour molasses into a cup to make tea. Lol. Try it and create your own ideas and inspiration.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

Annelise Lords
Annelise Lords
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Annelise Lords

Annelise Lords is a writer of short inspiring, motivating, thought provoking stories that target and heals the heart. She is a Top Medium writer on Fiction. She is a Jamaican, married with children. She loves to think, read and write.

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