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A lot of times its not bad luck

A lot of times its not bad luck

By Elora HaysPublished about a year ago 5 min read

When I went to work in the morning, I just finished cleaning up my desk and heard the sound of high heels pounding from outside

. I thought to myself: No, it can't be the manager to work, she is so on time today?

Before I could judge, I heard the manager's scolding voice: "Where is everyone in the office? It's 8:40 and you're still at work? Just you guys. Where's the rest?" The pitch grew louder and louder, and the anger grew louder and louder.

Looking at the empty office, several of our colleagues looked at each other and I muttered to myself: I'm going to die.

We go to work at 8:30 and the manager usually arrives at the office around 9 o 'clock. The apartment is less than five minutes away from the office. Because of spring sleepiness and autumn fatigue, just graduated a few colleagues always like to stay in bed in the morning, eight o 'clock alarm clock has been ringing to 8:30, and then quickly wash and dress, and hurried to the office before 8:50. Why be late? The manager doesn't start till 9:00 anyway. Soon, everyone got used to the pace of life. Colleagues who arrive early are used to being late, and latecomers are used to being late themselves.

Today, the manager was going on a business trip, but accidentally left a document in the office. He forgot his office key, so he came to our office to get the spare key. As a result, he ran into the office which was still empty after work.

The back to inevitably a bloody storm, the manager stood at the door and questioned: "why late, because of what reason late, today is the late day?"

The new graduates dare not breathe, bowing their heads. Several old colleagues complained later: it is usual to go to work at this point, who knew she came to the company so early today, not to go on a business trip? What bad luck!

You can blame the office for the fact that everyone is late and you get used to it. You can also blame the manager too careless, obviously normally is 9 o 'clock for the company, but today left the data, just have this scene. You can also chalk it all up to bad luck that she came back today to get the files.

However, you should also know that from the day you are habitually late, it will happen, it is only a matter of time. You're just trying to get away with it.

The scene reminded me of last year's graduation defense.

In the last defense, I heard that the defense tutor of our college has much abnormal, can scold the girls on the platform and cry, and many students' PPTs did not open directly to let them prepare for the second defense. Those who are said to have done well in their studies have all failed, and those of us who are still preparing our papers for the academic year are frightened by these rumors.

So later in the preparation of the paper, a few of us usually review together not to take it lightly, the data check data, the tutor to find the tutor. Every time you go to a tutor, you have to change a lot of things. Every time you go to a print shop, you have to spend a lot of money because of formatting problems.

Wait until the real defense, still scared, thinking about what clothes to wear tomorrow, and what questions the instructors will ask.

Only to find that the rumor is not virtual, really someone was scolded cry, the girls on the stage with their heads down, two hands have been rubbing the corner of the clothes, from time to time wipe tears, what words are not afraid to say. Mentor in the following words sharp, no any feelings, see us these bystanders are embarrassed for that girl.

But what's the real reason? This girl in the graduation thesis defense, PPT to do colorful, fancy; The font format of graduation thesis is not set as required; The key is the acknowledgments at the end, all copied. What's more, when I copied it, I didn't change it. I directly transferred someone else's "Thanks to the teachers for their three years of teaching".

The teacher was angry: "We taught you for four years, you eat that year?" Also, the name of the university is wrong, is there any intention?

Was the tutor too harsh? There are still students to explain their paper fluently, do not have to think too directly to answer the teacher's question, the details of the paper are clear, and then leave with a beautiful posture.

We are always used to looking for the reasons from the outside world, thinking that the tutor is too strict, thinking that the world is too cruel, thinking that others can be so indifferent, do not take into account their position and situation, thinking that they are the most wronged. But most of the time, your bad, your sad, is up to you. You determine how people treat you.

People are lazy, for the same three hours, we would rather comfortably lie in bed to watch a movie or go out to eat, rather than read at the table to study or go out to exercise.

We all have a chance mentality, a subconscious belief that something bad will not happen to us.

But really powerful people, not only can control their inertia, can manage their time and emotions, but also from the rational exclusion of luck psychology. You can see not only what is in front of you, but also what is likely to happen later. Rather than subconsciously avoid it, they choose to face it bravely.

What you're paying for, or stealing from, won't be readily apparent. But with the period, it will accumulate a little bit, a little bit to you, wait until the key moment, suddenly give you an unexpected result, some people are happy too, some people are extremely unlucky.

There is a word to say rotten, but it is very real: luck is the humility of the strong, and life is the excuse of the weak.

Most of the time, not your bad luck, but even the most basic things have not been done well, the most should pay have not been paid, and then there are still fantasizing about whether you can get away with it, whether you can hide.

Calm down, do more, think more, read more, and take little chances, major general one must do things bet on some small probability events, you will find that life is a lot of tolerance for you.


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