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A Badass Woman Who Built Her Own Life

by Angelica Pasquali 10 months ago in social media

In The Age of Influencers, Who Actually Influences?

I'm so sick of social media evoking jealousy and self-doubt.

All artists and entrepreneurs across the world have one thing in common, the ultimate goal of making a living creating content they love. With that goal comes a million other familiar emotions: the up until 3am perfecting one's craft work ethic, the anxiety of quitting a stable 9-5 job, and the jealousy of others in your field excelling.

In today's society, success is measured in likes, subscribers, and follows. Anyone can be an influencer with a some branded content, some professional content, and maybe a fake private jet here or there. It's far too easy to open youtube and immeditetly think someone else has their life all figured out.

This is where Sorella Amore comes into play.

Since 2013, Sorella has been crafting the most authenic, genuine content on youtube. Although her channel focuses primarly on photography and travel, Ms. Amore educates her community about so much more. For exmaple, through her advanced selfie craft, she has encouraged millions of others to embrace themselves and boost their self confidence. Through her travel, she has expanded into sustainability education.

As an environmentalist, it's pivtal to see someone with a large audience utilize that platform for educational purposes. Most travel influencers are more concerned about the most luxurious locations, decor, food, etc. To be honest, I haven't seen a travel influencer on YouTube ever incorporate sustainability in their content if not solely dedicated to the sustainability niche. Sorella isn't concerned about sticking to her photography/travel niche, but focuses on expanding sub-categories within them. As a viewer, I love learning how different fields are related and can be mixed.

Maybe it's because she isn't afraid to cry and be emotionally vulnerable about her challenges and struggles. Perhaps it's because she doesn't strive to be picture-perfect, but simply set an exmaple of how to progress personally and professionally. Influeners and content creators are always just showcasing the best of the best. Sorella sheds light on how we are all humans and utilizes social media as a way to convey that important remidner that life isn't always perfect. Life isn't all about traveling to beautiful locations, getting brand deals, and being wealthy. Life is about dedicating years into a craft, building a business from the ground up, and becoming independent. It's sweat, tears, and failures. Sorella talks about her sucess and her failures.

As a woman, I appreciate how fearless she is when addressing and dismantling the stereotypes and societal beliefs that hold women back. She's a self-built businesswoman who embraces her feminity. Being over the age of thirty, she takes pride in aging and encourages other women to not have anxiety about the natural process. Instead of using her female body to draw attention from viewers, her focus is more on how to properly care, love, and nurture your body.

Or maybe it's because she's the only person that lifts my spirits up instead of provoting jealousy. She doesn't strive to be this all-start that no one can surpass or come close to. She strives to show humanity and humility.

Influencers on YouTube seem to only focus on their success. Every person is about gloating about their wealth, products, and showcasing their luxury lifestyle. Sorella doesn't showoff her success, but rather invites you into it. She is someone who wants to share the education and inspiration that got her from being a bartender to a full-time content creator.

She is THE ONLY youtuber that encourages me to do better while giving me the tools to do so instead filling me with jealousy and question my own abilities.

Everyday I watch Sorella Amore, even if I've seen the video several times. That is a testament to how often her inspiration, education, and authenticity is important to me. I admire her journey and how she constantly reminds me there is no end goal in life, that this life is a endless adventure. Ms. Amore has taught me to believe in myself, be kind to myself, and above all, say fuck yeah I can be successful too. She is not just a role model for women, but for everyone who is a creator, an entrepreneur, and frankly anyone just seeking self-growth.

Sorella Amore is the most badass woman on Youtube and I hope to embody and apply her values, mindset, and growth.

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Angelica Pasquali
Angelica Pasquali
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Angelica Pasquali

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