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9 Rare and Powerful Quotes About the Importance of Self Awareness

by Mathias Barra 12 months ago in quotes
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And what to take away from them

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“Look outside and you will see yourself. Look inside and you will find yourself.” — Drew Gerald

This simple quote explains the importance of self-introspection. Finding yourself is the basis for any improvement. You need to know where you are. Who you are. What you are. How you are. And most importantly, Why you are.

Here are 9 lessons to remind you of the importance of self-awareness.

1. “To know yourself, you must sacrifice the illusion that you already do.” — Vironika Tugaleva

You think you know yourself but you don’t. The most difficult task in our life is to come to terms with the realization we’ll never truly know our own selves. We evolve and experience so much and so quickly we can never quite catch up. Getting rid of this illusion will help you learn more though. And this is the least you could do for yourself.

2. “The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself.” — David Goggins

We are what we do and think. If you are a pessimist, chances are you’ve told yourself you were time and time again. Internal conversations shape who we become. Have insightful ones and your life will become just as insightful.

3. “The only questions that really matter are the ones you ask yourself.” — Ursula K. Le Guin

Don’t let your conversations be one-sided monologues. Ask yourself questions. Difficult ones. Reflect on the answers you give yourself and learn from those.

4. “Every answer can be followed by another question.” — Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Once you think you’ve answered everything, ask some more. There is always more to learn about yourself. Keep asking open questions. Give yourself more answers. Rinse and repeat again and again.

5. “Your mind is like a gold mine, if you dig deep you will find something golden.” — Gift Gugu Mona

As you keep asking yourself questions, you’ll discover more about who you are. Deep, somewhere within you, you’ll unearth magnificent knowledge about yourself.

6. “It does not matter how strong and well prepared you are if you have no direction.” — Yulia Peralta

What you find will help you find your way. While the world outside runs like crazy, looking inside will show you the way to a more enjoyable life —one you can manufacture for yourself daily.

7. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung

To be self-aware is to note what you have and don’t. It’s to take the reigns of your life in your hands and stop “hoping for better”. Instead you can start working on making things better.

8. “Confidence is deciding you’re unstoppable — not that you’ll never fail.” — Tom Bilyeu

Some say knowledge is power. But not all knowledge was born equal. Knowledge about yourself is true power. It gives you confidence and will contribute to accepting failure.

9. “I know that people can be better than they are. We are capable of bearing a great burden, once we discover that the burden is reality and arrive where reality is.”― James Baldwin

No matter what happens you’ll be kicked by life. You can bear anything as long as you accept who you are, why you are, where you came from, and where you are going.

Final Thought

Developing self-awareness will not change your life. What it will do is provide you with the opportunity of transforming it. Whether you decide to do it is now in your hands.


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