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9 Crucial Things I Wish I Had Learned Sooner in Life

Things In Life I Know Now That I Wish I Had Known Sooner

By Erika PotapPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

I have had many great teachers in my life, but none have taught me more than the greatest teacher of all-life. Through experience and problem based learning, life has given me more knowledge than any university or vocational school in existence. You may live and you may learn. And yes, you may never actually graduate. But at the end of the day, when all is said and done, who cares? Life isn’t all about the destination or the graduation, it’s about the journey—the forks, crossroads, and detours on the way. Life has been tough, and the road quite steep at times. But I’ve done my best to push through and keep moving. I’ve learned so much and yet so little at the same time. Many things I wish I had learned the easy way but instead I was forced to learn the hard way. Here are nine important things I wish I learned sooner in life.

  1. Time passes quickly, it will move on with or without you… it's only a matter of… well, time, it wins again. Make the most out of your time, you only have one shot and then it’s gone forever. Don't get stuck in the past, it will only hold you hostage and slow you down. Keep moving forward and don't look back. If you play with time, you will surely lose. The odds are against you and the rules don’t apply. Life is full of ups and downs; the trick is to remain level, remain steady, and remain balanced. You gotta keep up with the pace, roll with the punches, and keep moving.
  2. There are only two things that will remain constant throughout lifes’ journey. 1) is you and 2) is time; both will be there from beginning to end. Don’t lose sight of either and be true to both. The world is full of hate. Don't let that hate poison your heart cold, your mind bitter, or your actions hesitant—love anyway.
  3. People will disappoint you. Those closest to you will hurt you the most. Don't let that break you. Don't waste your time or energy in trying to understand why. Keep moving forward and remember, some things are blessings in disguise. Eventually, the answers to your questions will be answered, but only when the time is right.
  4. People are all different. No two people will see something in the exact same way. Try looking at things from every possible angle before taking on a decision. Never make assumptions and always keep an open mind and open heart.
  5. There will always be someone better than you, someone smarter, prettier, faster, richer, healthier, luckier and more capable than you, and that’s okay—be happy for them. You don't need to worry about that which doesn’t concern you. Focus only on yourself and being the best you can possibly be. Your only competition should be who you were yesterday. You compete with no one, strive only to beat your previous score and always play fair, even when the game does you wrong.
  6. Always expect the unexpected. You can never be fully prepared for much of anything. Nothing is out of the question and nothing is written in stone. Miracles and catastrophes happen every day. It all comes down to what you do with what’s thrown your way. It’s about your reactions and your counteractions. Do you fall flat or do you counterbalance your way up and keep moving?
  7. Nothing is permanent. Whatever is thrown your way, good or bad, will eventually pass. Memories made will eventually fade. Bonds formed will eventually break. Wounds will eventually heal. People in your life will come and go, the players may change but the game will remain the same.
  8. Everything in life happens for a reason, good things and bad things alike. Nothing is random. There is no such thing as coincidence, or chance. Everything has a purpose, and that includes you. All the pieces will eventually fall into place, helping you to fulfill your lifes’ purpose.
  9. You have nothing to prove, and you owe nothing to no one but yourself. People will try to take advantage of you. You must set the boundaries you are comfortable with and stick to them. People will always try to push their limits, but it’s up to you to keep them within those boundaries and do what’s best for you. They will mistaken your kindness for weakness and your love for blindness, and that’s their problem—don't let others guilt you into doing things. Be more proactive and less passive.

Change goes hand in hand with time, don't be afraid of it, on the contrary, accept it and embrace it.

The deciding factor throughout everything remains the same, time… it is the only thing that is constant and it decides what comes and goes... what stays and for how long. It may seem as though you have no control. The constant may control the variables, but you are the catalyst and/or inhibitor to your future. Everything in life is attainable. Your time is limited but your possibilities are endless. Don't let fear cloud your judgement. You can do it. Just trust yourself and as Nike says: just do it.


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Erika Potap

I know a thing about a thing or two. Believe in the power of the universe. hope my words can somehow make you smile, even if only on the inside. Questions, thoughts or comments?

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