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7 Pieces Of Advice Michael Jackson Gives In His Music

#Don't settle for mediocrity

By Gal MuxPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
7 Pieces Of Advice Michael Jackson Gives In His Music
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Michael Jackson was a superstar. The greatest entertainer that ever lived. Starting from the age of five, he spent his entire life entertaining audiences from all over the world.

Emulated by millions with fans impersonating his dancing, his singing and his style, inspiring millions of others with his artistry and successes, with populations following the words in his art, he understood his role as a public figure well, taking it with the weight it carried.

“It’s incredible the power and influence an entertainer can have on people to make them do things. Entertainers have incredible power. It frightens me. Sometimes I get real scared about that. See, the thing I’m afraid about an entertainer can be built up to be a monster in his field. I mean so big to the world that whatever that entertainer do or say, the world will see it, they listen to it, they follow it. He begins to have more power and influence on the people than the presidents and the Kings of the world. He sets an example and he has to be very careful I mean, the world’s watching. The lyrics of his songs , the way he dresses, the way he talks — everything. People follow this.” He told Soul Magazine in 1979.

“ Performers should always serve as role models who set an example for young people.” He said in another interview.

Here are seven pieces of advice Michael Jackson gave in his music.

1. Heal the world

The core of Michael Jackson’s message was heal the world. He invited underprivileged children to his concerts and backstage to meet him from as early as the 70’s while on tour with his brothers.

He also visited as many hospitals and orphanages as he did concerts in cities all over the world while on his solo tours. He went on the Dangerous tour solely to raise funds for the Heal the World Foundation. He also supported various individuals and charity organisations ranging from animal shelters, to children homes, art centers and schools. He set aside his home Neverland where he created a fantasy world complete with an amusement park for his and the enjoyment of sick and underprivileged children from all over the world. He went further to write “Heal the World”, a song that immortalised his utopian wishes for the world. With over $300 million donated to charities in his lifetime, he holds the Guinness World Record for most charities supported by a pop star.

His heart was to give and to ensure that his mission would be continued to perpetuity he stipulated in his will that upon his death, 20 percent of all his posthumous earnings would be put aside for charity. The core of Michael Jackson was to heal the world. A mantle that he passed on to his children, where his acts of healing the world will continue for all futures to come.

2. Caution against casual sex

In “Superfly Sister” he warns against non committal sexual relations. “I cant believe the things I see.” “Get the boy and make him wait.” he sings. “Love is not what it used to be…”another line goes.

A self described gentleman who believed that matters pertaining to a persons sex life should not be discussed openly, he remained very protective about his personal life. Close friends described his as old fashioned and dated with the intention of marriage and long term relationships.

3. Caution against greed

In “Money” he warns against gluttony and greed and all the vile things that people are driven to do for money. Lie, kill, die for it, selling their souls to the Devil, betraying others… All for money.

A wealthy man himself having enough resources to purchase all material possessions as per his heart’s desires, he was placed in a position where he met all types of characters globally seeing the best and the worst in humans in their pursuit of money. He incorporated in his art a warning to listeners against letting greed take over.

4. Parental responsibility

In “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” he cautions against having children while unprepared. “If you can’t feed your baby. Then don’t have a baby…” he sings going further to point out the acts a desperate parent would be driven to do to take care of their child. “Hustlin’, stealin’, lyin’…”

It can be interpreted that he implied more than just physically taking care of a child but also mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

“In Do You Know Where Your Children Are” , he cautions parents about being aware of the whereabouts of their children, telling the story of a twelve year old girl who runs away from home from an abusive stepfather only to end up in Hollywood where a pimp promises her a good life and to get by she results to prostitution. In his music he guides parents to take the duties of nurturing their children with the care, seriousness and preparedness it requires. His children have on numerous occasions described him as the best father in the whole world.

5. Caution against ego

“It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right just beat it.” He sings in “Beat It.” You always don’t have to fight to prove you are a man, are stronger or more important is the overall message of the song. Your self worth does not have to be tied to violence and modesty can be used to solve solutions. He demonstrates this philosophy in the short film of the song where he leads rival gangs in joining together to dance their differences out. Bringing peace without violence and bloodshed.

6. Unity

“Let’s harmonise all around the world.” he ends his song “HIStory”.

“You are just another part of me.” he sings in “Another Part of Me.” Implying the unification of everyone. “The planets are lining up…” he sings in another line.

The entire “Black or White” short film is a manifestation of this message. It showcases different cultures from an American suburban family, to African warriors, Native Americans, Asian dancers to an urban setting with children of diverse ethnicities. The segment where torsos of persons of different colours, sizes, ethnicities, and genders morph in and out of each other while performing a synchronized dance is a true embodiment of his message. That all human beings are one.

7. Caution against settling for mediocrity

“Everyday create your History.” he sings in his song “HIStory”. A song that samples the triumphant “Gates of Kiev” by Russian Composer Modest Mussorgsky.

“Every path you take you’re leaving your legacy.” the second line goes.

He motivates the listener to strive to be the best version of themselves. He urges them to take each day as an opportunity to make this happen and to endeavor to ensure that they have their names placed in the books of history.

In the track he samples legendary moments in the history of mankind; the moon landing, Martin Luther King speeches, words of himself as a child that grew up to be the greatest of them all. Through this, he is somewhat challenging the listener — if these people did it, so can you!


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