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7.8 Billion People & Only 1 You

You Are Literally Irreplaceable

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Photo taken and Edited by: Timothy A Rowland

There are an estimated 7.8 billion people in the world in 2020, and there is only one you. Let that sink in a moment. That means that there are 7,999,999,999 other people in the world; and not a single one could replace you in this world. Not even one person out of billions is able to give the world exactly what you do; simply by being present on Earth. You are literally irreplaceable.

The Butterfly Effect

“The Butterfly Effect” states that when a butterfly in one part of the country flaps its wings, it causes a tidal wave across the ocean. Most people take this as meaning that they are a part of that ripple effect along the way. Truth is, if the flap of a butterfly’s wings causes a tidal wave across the ocean… you are the one holding the butterfly.

By David Clode on Unsplash

Be sure to hold that butterfly gently though. After all; everything has two possible paths. Be a positive force in the world. This doesn’t take money, fame, or any social construct that is considered “acceptable” at all. No matter what your situation in life is; you can be a positive force simply by allowing yourself to accept the power you hold, simply by being on this earth.

It doesn’t take a grand gesture or huge event for you to change the world. The world changes and the future changes, with every small choice you make. You can improve the world and brighten the future by simply making small choices that you truly believe in. If you make three people smile or laugh today, the ripple effect could cause one of their grandchildren to cure cancer years from now. Their smile and good mood could cause someone to fall in love with them. Those two get married and have kids. Their kids have their own children; one of which becomes a doctor and cures cancer. It’s simple to see.

Regardless of your income, social status, ethnicity, marital status, sexuality, occupation, gender, age, or any of the other thousands of little things that people worry about… not one other human being past, present, or future, can give the world exactly who you are. You are literally the definition of “irreplaceable” in every practical and logical way. Even time itself is eternally changed; simply because you are here. Your every breath molds and improves the fabric of time and the very state of “being” for everything. Yes, your every breath and your every smile, is far more powerful than you ever take the time to think about or realize.

By sydney Rae on Unsplash

Stick Around, No Matter What Today Brings

Mental and emotional health can cause you to go places in your mind that constantly tell you lies. These places will lie to you about the power and importance of your being around. It can cause you to start to believe that you don’t matter or even worse; that the world is better off without you.

Perhaps, you see yourself messing up in life 1000 times; leading to these types of thoughts and feelings. Well, chances are, if you messed up 1000 times; at least 99 of them were so that something great would be born from it. That is the butterfly effect in action. Too many people give up during the hard journey, and deprive themselves of seeing the destination.

If you don’t like something about what you’ve done or how you live… change it. Work to improve the situation. Apologize to those you’ve wrong- including yourself- then take the steps to create the situation you know could be. You can’t do this, if you’re not around. Never give up on yourself. Never give up on those around you; even the ones you think you’re letting down. If you are still here; you still have the power. You still have that power that comes from being in the world. The real power to create a better world. The power that literally, only you have. Remember, out of billions and billions of people… there is only one you.


World O’Meters (world population count)


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  • Naveed 2 months ago

    This piece of writing is simply brilliant. I liked it a lot.

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