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6 Powerful Tips To Be Successful

Success Isn't Always Easy, But It's Always Worth It

By The Vitamin HippoPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
6 Powerful Tips To Be Successful
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Are you successful?

How do you define success?

What does success mean to you?

These are legit questions that we don't ask ourselves enough.

Most of us aren't even clear as to whether we're actually successful or not.

We think we know. But do we?

Here's how Wikipedia defines success.

Success (concept), the achievement of a desired result.

So, based on Wikipedia's definition, as it relates to your life, if you've achieved the desired result, you were successful.

Pretty cool when you start thinking of it that way.

For example, if you need gas for your vehicle and you set the intention to actually get that gas and you got that gas, you were successful.

Of course, this a very juvenile example but if you apply Wikipedia's principle to your life, you'll start to see that you're successful in a lot of areas of your life.

The great thing about thinking of things this way, is that it really makes the word 'success' seem smaller, relatable, and more attainable.

You see, when most people think of 'being successful', they equate this with very lofty monumental goals which in most cases can appear to be very daunting and seemingly impossible to achieve.

Not that there is anything wrong with having big goals and dreams, in fact, it's necessary to have passion and drive in life, it keeps us moving forward.

However, for most of us, these big goals and big dreams that we have, have got to look and feel more realistic or the fire and passion to achieve them burns out over time.

These tips should serve as a guide to keep you moving towards being successful, however you define it.

6 Tips For Unstoppable Motivation And Enduring Success

1. Success is not achieved accidentally. It is a systematic, deliberate process of deciding what you want to do with your life, what you will do when you get there, and what the steps are to get you where you want to be.

One of the most important aspects of success is the ability to visualize your path and stay focused on your goal until you reach it.

The sooner you envision your dreams and develop a plan to turn them into reality, the faster you will accomplish your goals.

Mental pictures are a mechanism to lead you down the path of true independence and motivation.

On the flip side, procrastination is a self-defeating behavior that develops in part due to low self-esteem and fear of failure.

Your imagination is like a preview of your future.

If you don't use your imagination then you won't know where you would like to eventually end up.

Think of your imagination as a guideline of sorts. It's not set in stone. It's not a rule or law, it's just a foundation of where you know that you'd like to end up.

2. Overcoming procrastination is the first step in helping you create the lifestyle you desire. You must change the habits and behaviors that led you to procrastinate in the first place.

Change is a slow process so be sure to reward yourself along the way for small achievements.

Instead of focusing on the difficulty of a large task, break it into smaller jobs, and create a timeline for finishing them.

Breaking these tasks down into smaller chunks is less overwhelming and will make your tasks more attainable.

3. Several small jobs done over time are much more manageable than one large task with no end in sight.

You'll be astonished at how much you can get done if you concentrate on one thing at a time instead of cluttering your mind with multiple tasks.

Try tackling the more undesirable tasks early in the day so that by afternoon you can pursue more pleasant activities.

4. Relieve yourself of the pressure created by clutter in your home or workplace.

Strengthen your organization skills by giving yourself an organized place to work.

When you exercise self-discipline in your surroundings as well as your behaviors, you will make major strides in accomplishing your goals in a shorter period of time.

No matter what is happening around you, keep your mind focused on the reward you'll receive by reaching your goals.

5. If people, outside forces, or life in general, distracts you, use the power of your mind to block out what impedes your progress and concentrate solely on the task at hand.

You will make tremendous progress by refusing to let others alter the path you have chosen.

This includes getting in your own way.

Put your cell phone on silent (if possible) and just focus on what you're doing. Give what you're doing your 100% undivided attention.

At first, this may seem counterproductive because maybe you feel that you're the best multi-tasker in the world but you're not doing anyone a favor, including yourself by splitting your focus.

Overcoming procrastination and staying motivated is sincerely the way to lifetime success and happiness.

You'll achieve your goals quicker when you stay focused on your destination and the rewards that will follow.

6. Review your habits and way of thinking to determine what you are visualizing most of the time.

If your visions do not lead you in the direction of accomplishing your goals, then you must change them.

Discipline yourself to concentrate on your goals the majority of the time, and if you stray from the path, get promptly back on.

Imagine what the rewards will be when you finally reach your destination and keep that thought foremost in your mind.

Procrastination is of no use to you in your quest to fulfill your dreams.

Lose those old habits and replace them with habits that lead to self-motivation and control over your life.


As you can see, no one else is in charge of your success but you.

It's one thing to say that you want success but it truly s another to put in the work to actually become successful.

Going back to Wikipedia's definition of success,

Success is the achievement of a desired result.

No matter how big or small the achievement, if you accomplished the goal that you set out to achieve and you conquered t, you were successful.

Always remember, you are unstoppable. You have and will continue to do great things in this life.

Just don't make it too hard on yourself, you got this!


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