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50 Genius Ways to Be Instantly More Attractive,Part.2

by gabriel about a month ago in advice
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Dr. Egbogah suggests deliberately “pull[ing] your shoul.........

26.Extend your shoulders

Dr. Egbogah suggests deliberately “pull[ing] your shoulders back and out” in addition to standing up straight. This is a “power stance,” according to her, and although women like it because it “emphasizes the breast,” males like it because it reveals the “sensual inner wrist.”

27.Spend Time with Attractive Individuals

While popular knowledge suggests that hanging around with individuals who are less beautiful than you would improve your attractiveness, this is not the case. When someone looks at people in a group, their brain “averages out the faces,” according to Kenger, when assessing the group’s attractiveness.To look more desirable, it helps to be surrounded by those who can contribute to increasing rather than lowering your group’s average beauty level.

28.Wearing clothing that is too big is not recommended.

Though fashion fads come and go, stressing one cut one day and another the next, wearing clothing that are too big for you is never a smart idea, according to Jack Vitel, a relationship counselor and publisher of the relationship site While it may be part of a broader ensemble or a manifestation of your desire to return to the 1990s, it will simply give you the appearance of being “stubby” and “without form.” “Fitting apparel is the way to go,” he argues, regardless of era.

29.Replicate Your Partner

Caleb Backe, a Health & Wellness specialist at Maple Holistics, advocates copying a partner’s body language to boost your appeal to them, but cautions, “don’t make it odd.” While this should be done subtly — after all, no one like being aggressively mimicked — it “shows them that you’re paying attention” and validates them, making you appear more desirable in return.

30.Dress in a way that emphasizes your best features.

Wear attire that “accentuate[s] your body attributes,” suggests Darlene Corbett, a certified therapist and author of Stop Depriving The World Of You. While you may favor subtle touches to bold declarations, there’s no harm — and plenty of good — in dressing to your strengths. After all, if you’ve got it, why not show it off?

31.Make a Beard

While stubble has proven to be the most popular type of facial hair, other styles have their own following. If you’re looking for something “long-term,” go with the (short) beard, adds Kenger. “As a result, you’ll be seen as more trustworthy,” he claims.

32.Put on rimless glasses.

Similarly, while spectacles were proven to reduce attractiveness in most wearers, they did have benefits — particularly rimless glasses. They made wearers look “more intelligent and trustworthy,” according to Kenger. “It’s all a compromise,” Kenger says of many life decisions.

33.Obtain the Appropriate Haircut

While there are a plethora of trendy new hairstyles to choose from every day, the most essential thing is to choose one that matches your face. Just because everyone else wears a pompadour doesn’t mean you should, and many people who do would look better with an alternative cut. After all, you wouldn’t put on the same shoes as your neighbor, so why would you have the same haircut?

34.Appropriate grooming

According to Dr. Christine Carpenter, a psychologist and dating coach at Evolve Dating Consultation, you don’t need to spend “a lot of time and money,” but you should pay attention to your grooming and style of clothes. “At the very least, you appear to have put forth some effort,” she replies. Failure to do so, she advises, does not come across as distinctive or rebellious as it would have done when you were younger, but rather “broadcasts low self-esteem.”

35.Put your hands up

Have you ever been on camera or in front of the camera and thought, “What do I do with my hands?” That isn’t the first time you could be asking yourself that intriguing question.According to Dr. Carpenter, having your hands ready and “available for action” will make you look “powerful” and attract the attention of a potential partner. While strolling down the street with your hands in the pockets of a trench coat may appear to be the pinnacle of cool, it appears that it is not the most efficient approach to attract a spouse.

36.Raise Your Head

“Attractiveness begins with how you present yourself,” adds Corbett. This involves keeping a high-headed stance, according to her. She claims that the stance “exudes a sense of confidence,” rather than arrogance, as long as you don’t use it to physically stare down your nose at people.

37.Don’t be concerned.

Sometimes letting your defenses down is the greatest approach to attract people. While breaking too many of the laws of attraction would almost certainly backfire, breaking a couple here and there to look more genuine might help you gain favor with others who are likely just as perplexed as you are.

38.Maintain a Current Wardrobe

Clothes do not create a man, but they can aid in his undoing. While it isn’t necessary to be “on the leading edge of the newest trends,” as Dr. Carpenter points out, it doesn’t mean it’s OK to dress non-ironically as a character from a ’80s film only to avoid going shopping.”It doesn’t take much to prevent coming across as careless and sloppy,” Dr. Carpenter explains, and a little effort goes a long way.

39.Don’t be too hard on yourself.

While your talents first attract others’ attention, it is your flaws that endear them in the long run. To truly boost your beauty, it might good to take oneself a little less seriously and enjoy a joke or two at your own expense — and possibly even by your own hand.

40.Make Your Face More Colorful

Color on the face draws attention to a potential mate in the same way that flashy clothes does. To draw more attention, use a bold blush or a colorful lipstick — anything that makes your face stand out against plain skin.

41.Pose a Question

While your own achievements and ambitions are certain to help you win acceptance and respect from others, it might be even more enticing to look interested in learning about your prospective partner’s achievements and aspirations. Ask inquiries and learn about what makes them tick instead than attempting to charm them entirely on your own worth. After all, nothing is more endearing than someone taking an interest in you.

42.Personality Development

“Studies suggest that familiarity, liking, respect, and talent impact physical beauty evaluations,” Kenger explains. Try “enhancing some of your personality attributes,” such as keeping happy and being pleasant, to improve your attractiveness. While it isn’t a pageant, he adds it can’t hurt to “show off some of your abilities.”

43.Be assured.

“Self-esteem makes you instantaneously more appealing,” adds Backe. While this isn’t something that can be accomplished quickly, making “solid eye contact,” using “more free body language,” and overall being “less guarded” are all good places to start.

44.Improve Your Sense of Humor

“A sense of humor,” Backe adds, “is one of the top qualities individuals search for in a significant other.” He claims that this is because hilarious individuals are deemed “more sociable and clever” in addition to being “pleasant to be around.” Do you prefer your wit to be spontaneous? Bring a few memorized jokes and attempt to incorporate them into the conversation — no one has to know where you acquired your sense of humor from.

45.Use the Correct Makeup

Contours, highlights, and thicker-than-thick brows are just a few of the current beauty trends.However, similar to a haircut, most people have a cosmetic routine that is tailored to them rather than the “look” that dominates most social media feeds. Get to know your own face in all its pre-made-up splendor before determining what products to use and how to utilize them.

46.Face Relaxation

Though a stern expression might look intriguing, it can also deter the encounters that its allure aims to entice. Instead, Dr. Carpenter recommends “relax[ing] your facial muscles” to seem more “approachable” and like someone who can be approached and talked to. Don’t worry, you can always perform your jaw exercises afterwards.

47.Your Least Favorite Features Can Be Camouflaged

Just because an outfit or item of clothing looks great on someone else doesn’t guarantee it will look great on you. We all have preferences for particular aspects of our bodies — some more than others — and the clothes we wear on them should reflect that. “When one says ‘yes to the dress,’” Corbett writes, it should be to one that “flatters” rather than one that “detracts” despite its own elegance.

48.Look for people who share your beliefs.

“Similarity establishes a link and confirms our own opinions,” Kenger explains. As a result, we find “those who share our values and ideas” to be more appealing than those who do not.You may only need to identify a more like-minded group of applicants to improve your desirability.


“It may appear little,” Carpenter explains, “but [smiling] actually counts.” While you shouldn’t try to look happy than you are, she adds there’s no harm in doing so “displaying a part of yourself that people find enjoyable to be around. “And don’t worry if you’re truly “broody or gloomy,” she continues; others will “find this out.” “ultimately

50.Your Head Nods

According to one study from 2017, nodding your head boosted your “attractiveness, likability, and approachability.” So, even if you don’t agree with everything your date says, nodding your head as if you do is a smart suggestion. What’s more, who knows? Maybe once you two become madly in love, they’ll be able to persuade you to agree with them, making the continual nodding a lot simpler.


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