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50 Genius Ways to Be Instantly More Attractive,Part.1

by gabriel about a month ago in advice
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Who knew that color could have such much impact on your attractiveness? Women liked it w

1.Red-skinned man in red sweater

Who knew that color could have such much impact on your attractiveness? Women liked it when males wore red, according to a research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology in 2010. Men in red were also more appealing to women in a second research from Rochester University. It’s not only clothing, either: red lipstick had the same impact in another research.

2.Exhibit Your Hips

Don’t attempt to hide your hips — show them out. Wear figure-hugging jeans that allow you to sway a little as you walk:According to a Texas A&M University research, when women strutted with a hip sway, their attractiveness increased by 50%. Hips do not lie, as Shakira usually emphasizes.

3.Exaggerate your height

Women prefer taller men over short ones, according to research, but just because you can’t adjust your height doesn’t mean you can’t physically appear to have grown a few inches. Monochromatic color palettes, or hues that are all the same shade, according to experts, can make you look taller. Plus, it’s quite elegant: an all-black ensemble never fails to wow.

4.The Left Side of Your Face Should Be Highlighted

Although you may not realize that one side of your face is more appealing than the other, a research published in the journal Experimental Brain Research discovered that individuals prefer the left side of their face to the right. Turn your head slightly to the right to highlight your left, whether you’re snapping photographs or conversing with someone, and you’ll suddenly appear better.

5.Group travel is recommended.

If you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother, you’ll know that the cheerleading effect is real. (Way to go, Barney.) According to a 2014 research, people seem significantly more appealing in groups than they do on their lonesome. So gather your pals and go to your favorite hangout areas in a group.

7.Make your brows more defined

The most appealing style used to have thin eyebrows, but those days are gone. Researchers discovered that women with prominent brows seemed younger and more appealing in a 2017 survey of 763 women. Fill in your brows for a fuller (but yet natural!) appearance.

8.Put your sunglasses on.

There’s a reason celebrities always wear sunglasses. There is some science behind it, according to one expert. Dark shades help your face seem more symmetrical, add a little mystery (aka sensuality), and they have a history of being cool, making you look cooler, according to researcher Vanessa Brown.

9.Swagger Your Step

Guys, just like men think women are more appealing when they swing their hips, women think men are more handsome when they walk with a swagger in their shoulders, according to the same study. But what precisely does that imply? It’s when you walk with your shoulders moving up and down. It’s not much, yet it’s just enough to appear natural.

10.Demonstrate Your (Arm) Skin

To look more appealing, you don’t have to show off your legs. According to one research, guys are drawn to women with long arms, so start wearing sleeveless clothes anytime you need a confidence boost.

11.Get a Dog

Okay, this one may come across as a little goofy… But it’s scientifically validated, right? Men who are carrying or simply hanging out with a dog, according to many studies (yes, multiple!) seem instantaneously more appealing. Plus, as an extra plus, you’ll have a new best buddy who will always think you’re attractive.

12.Stop attempting to be model-thin.

Ignore the magazine advertisements! According to one research, men aren’t as interested in super-skinny, model-thin women as you might expect; they prefer women with regular body weights. Rather of attempting to lose weight, embrace and emphasize what you already have.

13.Don’t Cross Your Arms

Crossing your arms when standing might become a habit, but opening them out a little will make you appear much more appealing. An open stance, especially when meeting someone for the first time, helps you appear more confident and charismatic, according to a 2016 research.

14.Display Your Jawline

Men with prominent jawlines are instantaneously more appealing, owing to evolution. It’s more enticing to women for one specific reason, according to a 2011 study: it’s an extremely masculine characteristic that demonstrates hereditary power. While your beard is wonderful, you could consider trimming it to make your facial structure more visible.

15.Bodify Your Dad

Heels may make you feel a little sexier the moment you put them on, and they’ve also been scientifically shown to improve your appearance. Why is that? According to one research, it’s because it helps women look more feminine, especially in their walking style.

16.Remove Your Slouch

According to Dr. Liza Egbogah, a health and wellness specialist who focuses on body and posture, excellent posture can “induce romantic interest in possible mates” by “boosting our appeal to potential partners.” Furthermore, a 2012 study discovered that good posture, even if kept for a short amount of time, can boost testosterone levels by up to 20% — the “confidence hormone.”

17.Take the Hourglass route.

According to Allena Rissa, editor of, studies have shown that an hourglass form is often regarded beautiful, thus dressing in ways that assist highlight this shape might help increase attractiveness. “High-waisted skinny jeans with a pretty crop top or lace bralette, and [tying] the look together with a matching belt,” Allena suggests. “This will assist to attract attention to your waist while also cinching it in with the belt, giving you a curved shape,” she advises.

18.Take a Stand

Standing up straight, according to Dr. Egbogah, is the first step in showing others that you’re both engaged and interesting.It conveys “youth,” as well as a sense of openness and alertness that a hunched-over or slouched back fails to communicate.

19.Look Up or Look Forward

“Both men and women find it ugly when the other sex is looking down,” adds Dr. Egbogah, whether they’re staring at their phone or their shoes. “Look up and appreciate the world,” she advises if you’re looking for a relationship.

20.Wear a beard

According to a 2016 survey, women “find facial hair more beautiful than a clean shaved face,” says Dave Bowden, a men’s style expert and proprietor of More importantly, the study found that stubble is the “‘most appealing overall’” of all the facial hair lengths. To increase your appearance, Bowden recommends “ditching the razor” and instead using “an electric beard trimmer that will leave a degree of stubble.”

21.Opt for Contact Lenses.

Try contacts if you don’t mind having your hands close to your corneas. The preconception that spectacles make individuals look less beautiful was “confirmed” in a 2011 research. If you’re up for the challenge, contact lenses are the way to go.

22.Get a Tan

“Most male models have darker complexion for a purpose,” explains Bowden. Women are “predisposed to find darker hues of skin more appealing” in men, according to him, since they are connected with danger, virility, and mystery. While it’s vital not to “overdo it” and wind up looking like a “oompa loompa,” spending a few hours in the sun or lathering yourself with a self-tanning moisturizer will help you seem more beautiful.

23.Bulky vs. Lean

“A lot of guys assume what ladies want is massive muscles,” says Patrick Kenger, CEO of Pivot Image Consulting and a men’s stylist. Women like males who have “less body fat and seem stronger,” therefore this isn’t entirely accurate.Instead of bulking out at the gym, Kenger suggests focusing on a “athletic” appearance and a lean, toned physique.

24.Stand apart from each other.

Standing with your feet “a bit wider than shoulder width” conveys virility and fertility, according to Dr. Egbogah, and is a “big turn-on” for women. She advocates employing this position in images for dating apps and other sites to truly capture someone’s notice, in addition to being aware of it when waiting at bus stops and other public places.

25.Use Vibrant Colors

Wear “as many vivid hues as possible,” according to Misha Kaura, a fashion designer and author of the upcoming book The Science of Style. It’s called peacocking for a reason: “So much of the perception of attractiveness is predicated on women making themselves easily noticeable” by wearing “stand-out apparel,” she explains.


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