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5 Simple Stress Relieving Tips for 2020

by Tony N 2 years ago in advice

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Yoga is not only beneficial for strength and mobility but it can be greatly utilized to reduce stress. Physical activity can release endorphins in your body, which help give that ‘happy’ sensation. Studies have shown that doing physical activity regularly helps improve mood.

People that participate in yoga also do well in controlling their breathing which leads us to our next point…


In times of great stress, we tend to tense up and hyperventilate. Our breathing gets more shallow and we start to shorten our breath, which can lead us to tense up.

When you’re feeling moments of increased stress during your day it’s good to take a minute and take some deep breaths.

Find a quiet place and take at least ten deep breaths focusing in each inhale and exhale. This will calm your breathing down and relax your body, which will reduce those feelings of stress.


This is another exercise you can utilize to reduce your stress levels throughout the day. Mediation is yet another exercise that focuses on breathing - you can never have too much breathing – but it also gives you personal time.

It’s crucial that you take out time in your day to do something that is quiet and personal.

Meditation lets you get close to yourself and your thoughts so you can get a better understanding of who and what you are.

This goes a long way in being able to control yourself and your emotions. By knowing ‘YOU’, you will know what specific people or events create unnecessary stress and duress so you can avoid them.

Hemp Products

Hemp based products have garnered lots of media attention as of late for their beneficial properties. Even though the breadth of scientific studies backing these claims are deep, there are heaps of personal success stories that show otherwise.

CBD, in specific, has been shown anecdotally all across the world that it is a worthy instrument for relieving stress and anxiety. It’s therapeutic effects have propelled it to the forefront of world news for the past couple of years, which has been apparent in the constant articles and ads wherever you go.

Scientifically backed studies are sparse but with its recent popularity, there appears to be no shortage of new studies being done to legitimize its benefits and effects.

Personal Time

This is a big one. With so many obligations in your life it’s hard to take time for yourself. You feel bad or guilty when you don’t meet those expectations.

However, if you don’t care of yourself first then you won’t have the energy or sanity to take care of others.

You can’t possibly perform at your best when you’re tired and unhealthy. Take time for yourself. Do activities that you love. Even 15 to 20 minutes a day doing something that you enjoy can go a long way to personal fulfillment and relaxation.

To Conclude…

There are many things you can do to relieve your stress. Many of which involve just taking time out of your day to do relaxing activities. Spend time to love and nurture yourself. Strengthening your mind, body and spirit will allow you tackle all of life’s challenges with less stress, which is great for you as well as the people you’re helping


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