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4 Inspiring Weight Loss Stories, From Those Who Kept It Off

by Duong Dinh Hai 2 months ago in success
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4 Inspiring Weight Loss Stories, From Those Who Kept It Off

When it comes to weight loss, everything works different because what works for one person doesn't work for another. But no matter what, determination and effort are always the qualities found in inspirational weight loss stories - and it's always the kind of story that motivates us.

We asked the weight loss champions what it takes to cross the finish line and the practices they have maintained weight loss forever. Here are some inspiring weight loss stories that have motivated us to tear and manage our own health forever. Keep in mind that some of these weight loss strategies have worked for some, but the body of every individual is different. Always consult your doctor before making any major changes to your health.

1. Kelly Hogan, 122 pounds

Kelly Hogan once weighed 262 pounds and tried everything to lose weight. Her Hogan situation began to change until her doctor gave her a very low-carb diet (protein and some vegetables). After she adopted a carbohydrate-free carnivore diet, she was finally able to lose her weight and maintained a weight loss of 140 pounds. What's the secret to her inspirational weight loss? A high-protein, high-fat diet was sustainable (and satisfying) for her, which was important for maintaining her weight loss. Since she no longer eats carbs, her blood sugar levels don't rise and her thirst for sugar is gone forever.

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2. Dina Bigsworth, 110 pounds

As a result of moving from Hawaii to Australia 10 years ago, Dina Big Swath has gained a lot of weight. She has moved from a very active outdoor lifestyle to a full-time home body. After spending two years in Australia, she became pregnant and continued to gain weight. After her birth, Big Swath quit her job and she fell into depression for several years. She found herself even more weighty and prone to anger. A few years later, when Big Swath couldn't find the right one to wear to the party, she decided it was time for change. She began experimenting with different diet approaches and found that eating more low-carb foods (protein and vegetables) and counting calories and macros ultimately helped her lose weight. Their calories are 15 percent carbohydrates (all vegetables), 35 percent protein, and 50 percent fat. In addition to her nutritional prescription, she likes to incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) training into her weekly routine. During these changes, Bigsworth was able to lose 110 pounds .

3. Lydia E., 40 pounds

Lydia was diagnosed with PCOS in her teens, and a few years later she found that her intolerable pain during her period was due to endometriosis. During her diagnosis and the loss of her grandmother, Lydia felt inspiration to change her life. After she tried many diets for 12 years without seeing results, she found that incorporating intermittent fasting into her diet could help her lose the extra weight she was managing. rice field. She fasts 16 hours a day and opens an 8-hour meal time frame. Before her meal, she starts the day with caffeine drinks such as coffee, tea and energy drinks, and then drinks water with lemon for the rest of the day. She also incorporated her regular exercise into her daily life and walked about 3-5 miles a day. By controlling her diet and creating new routines, Lydia was able to lose 40 pounds.

4. Donna Dube, 145 pounds

Since working as her nursing director, Donna Dube has been aware of the negative effects of her unhealthy lifestyle. But it wasn't until she took a closer look at her photo of herself that she looked back on her unhealthy habits. As her wife, mother and grandmother, this 62-year-old woman knew something had to change. After she tried different dieting methods, Dube knew that counting calories was not an effective way to lose weight. One day she read about the benefits of fasting and was immediately hooked. During her new fasting routine, setting weight loss goals, and joining several online support groups, Dube was finally able to drop 145 pounds forever.


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