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2022- The Year of Dreaming BIG!

by Osana Wasut 9 months ago in advice
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Living the life of your dreams!!

2022- The Year of Dreaming BIG!
Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash

Today, I wanted to share about living the life of your dreams, because I have been thinking about this a lot lately, as it is something I am truly passionate about in life, and that is empowering others to live the life of their dreams...

I remember seeing a quote years ago, I actually wrote a post on it, but it said"

"People are hating life, and if you are at a certain point in your journey, you realize those other people are you."

This really struck me, because I believe it to be true, in more than one way.

Yes people in general are indeed hating life, especially now, during these tumultuous times we are in with the pandemic and all the fear going around. People are miserable, depressed, and many have lost hope.

On the other hand, there are people out there, who are loving life, and living their wildest dreams. Unfortunately, this isn't as common as we would hope for, and this needs to change...

So on the other end of that quote: "And if you are at a certain point in your journey, you realize those other people are you."

This is also something I truly believe: You are me and I am you, We are one. This is my truth that I live by.

So while I can go out and create the life of my dreams all I want. I won't truly be happy unless I know that I am also helping and empowering others to do the same.

Enter 2022.

It all came back to me in a moment of awareness.

I love doing Quantum Hypnosis Sessions with people, but it is generally just a single session, and then they go on their way and that's that. Don't usually hear from them again, and that is how these sessions are designed, you don't need to keep coming back week after week to have a session, not like therapy.

But this was something that was missing for me, I wanted to know how they were doing, I wanted to follow them through life and see how their life expanded after the session…

So what I realized was an old dream of mine that came back to the forefront of my awareness just over the last couple weeks. and that is coaching.

I want to coach & empower others to live the life of their dreams. Of course, it was so obvious to me, and something I trained to do for years → pre Covid, and now that dream had resurfaced and it was more powerful than ever before.

2022 is said to be the year of dreaming big! That we humans need to really think outside of the box and dream bigger than ever before.

So my mission this year and in the years to come, is to empower others to live the life of their dreams.

This really starts with the first step, and that is getting clear on what it is you want to create. What even is your dream life!?

I made a video about that you can watch here:

If this post has intrigued you, or sparked within you a curiosity, please feel free to check out my website, or some of the other stuff I have written. Send me a message, let's connect to see how I can help you & empower you to live your wildest dreams!

With Love,



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Osana Wasut

Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, live to the fullest!

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