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14 Things Are More Important Than Money In Life

Money is not the most important but happiness is.

By Sharad GuptaPublished 2 years ago 11 min read
14 Things Are More Important Than Money In Life
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Whether money is the most important thing in life is not, is a subject on which debates will never end.

Many will try to prove how money is the only important thing in life while many will debates it is not.

If we consider the role of money in our life we can see that it plays an assertive role in everyone’s life.

If there is less or no money, it is very difficult to live and the struggle never ends.

There are many important things in our life apart from money but once people get a job they entirely neglect other things and focus just on money.

It becomes the only aim of their life and they feel that by earning more money they can secure their life and do what they want.

In this process, they forget to take care of their health and family and as a result, they get ill-health and broken relationships.

What is the use of the money earned if you need to spend it on medicines and lose relations too?

Everybody will accept the point but no one will implement it in real life.

All are just involved in a rat race and all want to win his race.

Realizing the priorities in life has become the second option after money as people value money more than anything.

However, when the time comes we all understand the value of each thing but at a very high cost.

Here we will see what those other important things are in our life apart from money –

1. Family Commitments

A person having a full family might be considered as the happiest person in the world since he has all kinds of relations to maintain.

But instead of that, he feels that it is his responsibility to earn more money and secure his family’s future.

Over a period of time, his family also starts feeling the same way and the bonding starts collapsing.

Though it is essential to earn money to live, it is also essential to sit back and relax some time with family.

This gives a dual advantage of getting rest and strengthening the bond with the family emotionally.

But the scenario is exactly the opposite and the person neither gets himself sufficient rest and nor he is able to keep ties with family. It results in the breaking of a lot of homes.

2. Loving someone special

When a person gets engaged in a relationship pre or post marriage, he spends a very short period happily with his spouse, and thereafter he gets engaged in earning money and the urge to earn more money leads to casualness in the relationship.

Both start taking each other for granted and the expectation also increases very high between them.

This is the beginning of a relationship that is going to become shaky in the future.

Being in a relationship while working can be an advantage as you get moral support when you need it most.

Your partner will always care for you and extend all the possible help you may require.

But this to happen, the attachment between you and your partner must be unperturbed and strong enough to withstand any storm.

3. Managing the Time

If you have a stressful job with a lot of responsibilities you need to take out some time for yourself.

This is essential to refresh yourself. Too much work under stress will lead to a lot of health and mental issues.

Most of the cases of nervousness are seen with the people who have high responsibilities at work.

Every person can tolerate up to a certain limit but beyond that, anything can happen.

Time management in professional life is a very critical skill that you must learn. Even in the office, you can take out some time to relax, not physically but mentally.

Try to create time to spend with your hobbies or activities that make you please at home.

Getting in time at home is equally important to get in time at work. You can create time by getting up a little early than the regular time.

4. Health

When you are in a rat race you often tend to ignore your health in an attempt to earn more money.

You feel that you can buy everything if you have a lot of money but you forget that money can’t buy health.

Instead, you will have to spend hard-earned money to cure ill-health. Risking your health for the sake of money and in turn, spending the same money for medical treatment is a never-ending process.

Many people face this situation in their life and finally, they curse themselves for not taking care when they needed to do so.

Too much work will give money but it will also come with too much stress and chronic stress can lead to fatigue.

The stress usually increases coronary diseases which can lead to a critical situation.

Mental health is also equally important which you can maintain by practicing meditation, exercising, and having a good diet.

5. Self-improvement

Improving your skills in multiple sections is going to help you sooner or later. Say, if you are multi-lingual, when comes to relevant growth opportunity you will be preferred over others due to this additional skill.

If you are an expert in some field along with your regular job and when there is a requirement, your name will be suggested to the higher authorities.

There are many things you can learn new either relevant to your current job or for future better prospects.

Nowadays, you can learn online also which will save your time considerably.

Learning new skills will have an edge on others as you know something more than others and there is a scope of widening your limits with new experiences.

6. A Healthy Diet

We have often seen the people who are always busy with their work, do not give much attention to their diet and eat whatever comes their way or whatever is available.

People must be choosy as far as food is concerned as it is going to impact your health in the future.

Having a proper diet will make a person not only healthy but also upright to face challenges.

Having a planned diet and having it on time are key factors in how one can maintain his health.

If you can cook, take out some time to prepare your favorite dishes so as to maintain your momentum.

This happy distraction will give you satisfaction though little. Eating junk food, eating anytime, or not eating at all will lead to ill-health. If you want to work more, you must be physically fit for it.

7. Do Activities that excite you

Like we bathe every day to refresh our body, it is essential to refresh our mind and the easiest way to do that is to do some exciting activities.

Every person has some hobbies which excite him. It gives a kind of enjoyment to the person which results in refreshing his mind and getting charged up.

Even some office-related work that involves traveling to other cities or countries can be an exciting one because you can explore some new things.

You meet new people and you see a new place while on duty, which can also be refreshing to one’s mind.

Some people like to travel while some like to meet new people; such kinds of persons will always be readily available to carry on the work.

Going on a vacation alone to rediscover yourself is also a great option to explore. These just few days can be more valuable than doing things that cannot make you happy.

8. Personal Satisfaction

If you are lucky you will get a work which will give you satisfaction.

Something of your passion at the workplace will give you pleasure to work. Often people are found to do the work forcibly though it is not their favorite because it earns them money.

The work done without interest just becomes boring and monotonous and after some time it looks like a burden.

Doing something forcefully is not a good practice and it takes away the joy or interest in life too.

Some things may seem small to you but if they make you happy just go do it.

Personal satisfaction is the best thing to get out of stress and tiredness.

This can be done during your job too as you can find small opportunities that can make you happy.

9. Work Experience

Apart from earning money from a job you can get one big advantage of gaining experience.

The longer you work in the same field and get knowledge of the process he becomes more expert.

This experience matters a lot going forward because the most experienced person has more value than others.

Experience also helps a person to get a hike in salary and higher position during a job change.

This ultimately helps in increasing his earning. Therefore experience is a part of the most important things in a person’s life.

10. Communication Skill

One of the most impactful things in a professional life undoubtedly is communication.

A person with excellent communication can overcome his weakness of knowledge.

He can impress others with limited knowledge with his impeccable communication.

Many lesser educated people grew and became successful in life because of their passion and communication skills.

They can influence people so easily that others can only envy them.

Good communication in combination with good education enhances the chances further.

11. Security

Everyone knows that our lives are very insecure in terms of wealth and health.

We all try to keep our good health and earn good money. While doing it we also need to consider unavoidable circumstances in life.

We live in a very unsure world where anything can happen at any time. We all must have some arrangements done in case we are up to some unwanted challenges.

No one would like to be in such a situation, therefore, we must have some plans which can take care of us or our family.

12. Helping Nature

Everyone seeks help at one or another stage in life. In childhood we take our parent’s help to guide us, when we further grow, we take the help of our subordinates, and so on.

There is no single person in the world who had not taken any kind of help from anyone while living.

Helping others is a much-respected nature and the person will be considered as a kind human being.

Helping others is also a reversible process; it means if you help others there is all possibility that you will get it back to you.

If you are in trouble there is a chance that those people who got help from you will come ahead. They will give back to you in your hard times.

13. Hobbies

Often people get so engulfed in daily activities (mostly job-related) that they forget once they were following their hobbies.

Someone was good at painting, someone used to play excellent guitar, and much more.

As we get involved in our routines we slowly go away from these hobbies.

People will forget what they once loved. One must find out few minutes in a day to maintain his hobbies. Hobbies usually give you pleasure and that is kind of recharging yourself.

14. Being spiritual

While we are performing our daily tasks we need to re-invent ourselves.

One must think about what this life is giving to me and what am I giving back to nature.

Nature created you and paying back to nature is our moral responsibility.

What is the most important in life can be recollected through meditation, reading, prayers, and contemplation.

Looking at your inner side will let you know the good part in you and it can give a peaceful mind which is otherwise difficult to feel.

There will not be different opinions about whether money is important or not but many will differ about what is more important than that.

Priorities of people may vary according to their situations but fact remains that there are more important things than money as a professional.

Some might understand the importance of experience, some might give more weightage to ethical values, and some might have other options in their mind.

Companionship, passion, hard work, professional bonding, information sharing, empowerment, encouraging the freshers, and a lot of things are involved in professional lives.

Those who are ethical and mature will always understand the situational importance of such things.


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