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(the mirror of coitus) from as close as you can get!

By Alan ArnoldPublished 2 months ago 9 min read
Photo by Janosch Lino on Unsplash

Yes, love the one you're with. Don't be fearful of the meanings behind it, when exciting and compelling feelings evade explanations, should we always question their validity, to the point of seeing them decommissioned?

You know you love her right at this moment, and she loves you right now too. Slowly, you have slid all her clothes off. She has also torn yours away, in a desperate excitement and with an agitation of urgency. Annoyed that your garments were even there, obstructing the smooth skin of her breast from reaching yours. A race where you both got first place.

A long warm kiss, taking her bottom lip between yours, and massaging it very quickly and gently with your tongue, she is surprised at the simple pleasure she feels by your putting pressure by cupping the front of her hip bones with your palms, in slow circular motions, as you grab her waist to firmly nudge her toward you. She may even tackle you to the bed, and so you begin the tussle.

Feeling the soft skin of a very firm shaft slide down her wetness, with a slow massage side you side, as yet you forego penetration. Teasing with a very brief touch of her opening, labia majora cupping your head for a moment of enticement, building expectations for what's to come, and then backing away to go down to her midriff with your kisses trailing the way.

Massaging her pelvic plate with a flat palm and give it a gentle slide up toward her naval, very slightly stretching to firm the skin shrouding the higher parts of her womanhood.

When the hard nubbin of sensitive sinew proudly stands out, you encapsulate it with the hotness of your mouth and slide your tongue across it's face diagonally and back again and back again.

The left hand gently rubs the underneath of her belly button to feel the top of the pelvic bone, with the other hand you slide your finger into a latex sheath and stroking to coax the fluid of luxury from her. You slide it up and behind your tongue's fascination to ever-so-slightly brush a "come here" signal, enticing the underside of her button to also come alive.

This is where you can brace for hair pulling and make sure that you won't be disturbed by worrisome people around the place as they hear a screaming woman in your house.

She may take charge and swiftly pull you up to meet, face to face, and throw you on your back, slinging a leg across your hips. She attempts to gain ultimate control, putting an end to her tension and titillation, she comes down on you, wet, warm and slippery, with a vigorous and raucous holler at the ceiling, digging her nail into your chest without any conscious intentions of doing so. After not very long you may both be groping and robustly beating your pelvic areas together with concise retractions, ending with convulsive eruptions. Twitching muscles to the tune of leftover spasms, and releasing a course of involuntary yips, groans and moans, turning to a pleasure filled, more monotonous drone of exasperation, relief and exhaustion.

Oh so wonderful, laying there atop/underneath one another and huffing to catch your breath, she lays there not wanting to get up, listening to your heart pounding in your chest for the longest time, and you are pleased to let her do as she pleased, both giggling like horny teens who experienced nirvana early, and in unison.

Yes, it's a moment of love. Self love, romantic love, shared love of an experience, love for one another at this moment. You are both enthralled and have given yourselves over to each other in this magical moment, that is an act of emotional trust, bonding, and whether or not you can admit it, YES, it's a form of love.

So many different types of love exist, who's to say that those brief encounters, whether a part of a lasting relationship or a fleeting fancy of lust that took you both by storm and felt so natural an urge to satisfy. Aren't just as emotionally impacting as the repeated versions of the same act in a relationship of length? Reinventing the rule book is impossible when it involves sex…it has got to be the oldest and most intimate form of expression two people can partake in.

Medieval sex manuals include the lost works of Elephantis, by Constantine the African; Ananga Ranga, a 12th-century collection of Hindu erotic works;Ratirahasya,a medieval indian sex manual written by Koka and The Perfumed Garden for the Soul's Recreation, a 16th-century Arabic work by Sheikh Nefzaoui.,Arabic%20work%20by%20Sheikh%20Nefzaoui

So put down the rule book, because there are too many variations to honor. Scrap those expectations thrust upon us by the world who doesn't understand how such short encounters can reach ear popping depths, and just be present in the whole full body, heart, and mind sensation that you are gifting and receiving at this special moment.

To become completely naked with someone then explore every intimate crevice and nook, every soft bulge and stiff nipple, all the tickly parts and the yummy sensations, how healthy sweat is not so bad when you want it all over you from another person. The juice of love is something sacred to share and we should treat it as such when we share it.

To ever bring unwarranted words and sentiments into the equasion, such as, dirty, or wrong, or taboo, is to cheapen and misunderstand the act itself. Also it misguides those newly coming into the world of physical yin and yang. If you are going to slide your pelvic regions together while keeping close enough eye contact that you can smell their breath and count their eye lashes, then you need to give away ridiculous notions of not wanting to kiss someone. 

By We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

That is the icing, something that makes an intimate moment enjoyable for both parties, and brings sincerity into it. Rubbing your wet lips of consent over the other persons, the love therein is inherent. If there is something missing that is such an integral part of love making, as kissing is, then forgo the whole experience because you cannot separate, no matter how much you wish you could, if that's how you wish to approach it, and no matter how far you've gone to convince yourself you can, you can't bring your emotional response to zero. We all run on emotions to a degree, with exceptions aside, the majority of people say that women more so than the rest. And to say anyone can become emotionless in the act of sexual intercourse, is almost borderline pathological deception, of all parties involved. It's flat out Equestrian Leavings, and a lie.

Besides that, would you really wish to engross and emerse yourself into such an act with someone, believing they won't be emotionally impressed upon in some facet? Requiring such immense levels of trust from us all, baring our soft and vulnerable underbellies, and have them say they can go through the whole experience without having an inkling of deep feelings stir within? How would that make you feel? 

We might say those things to seem as if we are not hurt, when someone pumps and runs, but we all know in our secret hearts, almost never admitted thoughts, the sacred inner journal for our ears only, that we wished to have made some kind of lasting impressions. After having shared such an intimate moment, night, day, week, whatever it may be, long or short. We don't go around sharing our full bodily experience and every blemish and wonder we have to hold, all our little noises and groans, the blushing and giggling, the communication over such sensative tastes of likes and dislikes, sharing with random people, without much care for who we choose as a partner. For seeking companions in journeys where experiences are shared with such intense intimacy, it is not an idle thing, and I refuse to beleive (no matter the lip service paid) that it ever will be. 

If it ever seems this way to those who are looking on at someone elses experience, then there is an emotional, or experiential, decision that was probably unconsciously made beforehand. They may have had a pact with themselves to create such an experience. If onlookers feel as if they missed something in the process of matching, it could be that the one who chose so rapidly just isn't sharing with us their true motivations.

It may just be that the depth of the initial gut feeling they got from the potential partner, who was, seemingly at first glance very random, had been chosen carefully. It just seems it was with minimal vetting and decided apon in a shorter amount of time than usual. Causing onlookers to feel a certain way, having their own judgemental flailings. However, there may be a turmoil of excitement under the surface of the one who chose him/her, fooling the audience by shrouding the true depth of emotion in the story, something personal and extra that those viewing the situation were not privy to.

It is not up to anyone else to judge, slander, or feel a certain 'way' about things, when they have nothing to do with the outcomes or the engagement itself. Don't throw your indignation upon their shoulders, just support the decision and let them learn from expereince. We all find out sooner or later the futility in attempting the expulsion of feelings from the act of physical love. Even if you are just simply 'getting your rocks off', you are more than likely still choosing to do it with someone you trust enough to relax that far with, so that you can bring a natural climax.

By Ian Schneider on Unsplash

And for most people, still now even when society is making us believe that there is a diminishing importance upon whom we share such sacred and heartfelt things with, or more to the point, who we gift ourselves to in the upmost personal way, it's still not usually a flippant response in agreement to this proposition of bonding. That someone wishes to share in this act with you and make that initial unspoken agreement, that you will not bring each other to harm or embarrassment in any way. 

Whilst all guards are dropped, engaging in the act of sweat tasting, skin to skin, and conceding the bed will get wet and soppy and the covers will all be on the floor by the end and it's going to be a wrestle of pleasure, the floor is not out of bounds, where anything goes in this forum of trust you will soon create. 

So off you go, sometimes you may not surface again for days. Every now and then, there's a further pact made, to become that special someone to each other, at least for a while, or longer. Then again, maybe not, but for now, it is "you verse the mountain of pleasure" that you've both agreed to climb, taking each other as companions for the journey and no other, no holds barred.

Everyone has their take on these things. Just when you think something is usual and normal, thinking that your experiences happen to everyone like that, you find out your life has been full of rare and unusual occurances. LOL.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    Hey Alan, I'm so sorry but I wasn't able to read this. I have sexual trauma so sometimes it hinders me from reading certain contents. However, I did scroll down slowly so I hope it would register as a read. I hope you don't mind and I'm sorry again 🥺

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