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How to be The Best

It's just a grind

By Matthew ColemanPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

It's not as hard as it seems. It just takes time.

The ability for someone to be the cream of the crop will take a great deal of time. I would estimate the ability to reach the top and basically beat life would take five to ten years at most.

Your competition is basically only yourself at this point.

Lets break down what you'll have to work on. Its fairly simple.


Your appearance:

Why: Its what someone first sees when you are in front of them. It can open opportunities both at work and in relationships with others.

How: Dress with a classic sense there is no need to waste money on expensive clothes. A basic t-shirt with a nice pair of pants. No graphic t-shirts. Smell good wash yourself daily. Practice good skincare habits use a foaming cleanser, and a moisturizer. Thats really it.

Your Social and Communication Skills.

Why: If you cannot communicate you cannot show someone what you know. If you lack social skills people see you as weird or even a bit slow. These skills are crucial.

How: Practice. Its best to be able to explain something so that someone with no prior experience can understand what you are talking about. Its also widely expressed that if you truly understand a topic you can explain it to almost anyone. Also practice small talk and getting to know others it can be difficult at first, but it will people dramatically easier over time.

Be in shape

Why: It shows you are able to stay committed to a goal and stay consistent.

How: Get into the gym and eat right. Start with a simple routine. You can find a workout plan online. I will also be making up an article about this shortly. For food wise. You would want to eat foods that provide good value to your health. This foods include lean proteins, fruit, vegetables, etc.

Pursue Your Purpose

Why: It will make you feel happier. Nobody really likes to slave away for someone else and have nothing to show for besides a paycheck.

How: Find something that you are passionate in. The next step is to pursue that niche relentlessly and create, create, create content in which your fanbase can see. Don't necessarily worry about money at first as that will soon follow if you keep grinding.


Why: You will learn and gain wisdom. Everyone can see something different in a book, but they all see the same thing on the TV.

How: Read some of the books I would recommend reading. Links are embedded. (Note these are affilate links and which provide me with a small comission:

48 Laws of Power, Art Of War, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Start with theses more are to come.

Sleep 8hr

Why: Sleep allows you to recover and keeps your body running smoothly.

How: You need to budget your time wisely. Instead of staying up until 12am watching Netflix or scrolling on Tik- Tok you need to get to bed. I go to be around 9–10pm every night and get up around 6am. This gives me the required 8hr of sleep and allows me to perform at my best.

Surround Yourself with Like Minded People

Why: You are the average of the people you associate with. Bad people do not want to see you improve and will try to keep you on their level.

How: Distance yourself from these people and cut them out of your life. There's no real solution other than that. If you don't think the person is helping uplift you in your endeavors in life than it's best to kick em to the curb.


Above all everything is up to you. You need to start with an open mind and forget everything that society ever really taught you. Society openly accepts activities which are bad for your mind and body. Such as fast food and binge watching tv shows. Society is build on instant gratification in order to be successful you must learn the art of self development and delayed gratification.


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