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What to Say When Proposing Your Love?

by Mohammad Barkati 4 months ago in proposal

Awesome Engagement Ring Ideas For Proposing Your Lady Love

Getting down on one knee while holding a perfect engagement ring says it all. After all, actions do speak louder than words. But since your proposal should be an everlasting memory, preparing some beautiful words still pays off. Here are some tips to find the words to say when proposing to your love.

Firstly, sit back and gather your thoughts well before you’re intending to propose — even if you don’t think you’re going to be anxious when the time arrives, you’re going to be. Such a large life event is a difficult move to make, especially if you know it’ll be a lifelong memory. You should at least write down at least a rough idea of what you want to say and prepare it a few times over. Yet there is still the issue of what to say when proposing. Ask yourself these questions below to trigger creativity for a proposal speech she would always remember.

Here are some points to consider when thinking of what to say when proposing to your love:

What Do You Think About the First Moment You Saw Her?

Start by remembering the first time you turned your eyes on her. Think about how her appearance awestruck you, how shocked you were at meeting a lady who shared so many common interests as you, or how you realized something very special had come into your life. If you are still wondering what to say when proposing to your love, something you might consider saying is: “I figured (blank) when I first spoke to you at (blank).” If the first encounter was less romantic , you might not want to bring it up. There are other options for what to say when you propose to your love.

A Man proposing his lady

What Was the Moment When Your Realized You Want to Spend Your Life With Her?

Maybe there’s another moment where you knew she was special to you. Was that because your reservation was missed by the four-star restaurant and she cheerfully proposed you go down the street for pizza and beer instead? The day she came over to catch a kung fu video marathon with you because you were sick in bed with the flu? What to say when proposing to your love, say something like: “I knew we were supposed to be together the moment you"

Proposing on Knee

How Has She Contributed in You and to You?

Now that she’s in your life, emphasize on how much happier your life is. Does she make you laugh on the little things that used to stress you out? Does she keep you in check whenever you aren’t taking good care of yourself? If you are still thinking of what to say when proposing to your love, tell her how much you admire and need her: “I was (blank) before I knew you, but you made me a better man because you”

Holding ring for Proposing

What Inspire You Most About Her?

What is it that makes you want to feel more like her? Her modesty and gentleness for others? Her love for adventure? What importance does she have in making the world a better place? Revealing how much you appreciate and adore her indicates you are dating her for all the right purposes. If you are thinking of what to say when proposing to your love, say something like: “I love and admire your (blank) and it helps me strive harder to be myself that way.”

Will you Marry Me?

Talk About Your Goals!

Have you ever had a conversation about the topics you both think are important, and the expectations you shared for the future? It should emphasize that you’re a great fit and that you’re expected to live your lives together. If you are deciding that your goals are what to say when proposing your love, say something like: “We really love (blank) and dream (blank), and we will (blank) together.” It’s the best lead-in to the phrases she’s been hoping to hear : “So these are only a couple of the reasons I hope you’ll spend the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?”

While the proposal may be important, finding the right ring to shock her is just as important.

Here are some of the Engagement Ring ideas that can help you in proposing the love of your life:

1. Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2. Two Tone Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

3. Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

4. Princess Crown Ring

5. Heart Shaped Ring

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