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What Makes Sapphire Wedding Sets Perfect?

Sapphire Wedding Sets

By Declan JamesPublished about a year ago 3 min read

A natural sapphire offers an ideal balance of pleasingness and endurance. This makes the gemstone a perfect fit for any type of jewelry, be it an engagement ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or even a wedding set. So, if you’re the kind of person who wants nothing but only the best, sapphire wedding sets will leave you spellbound.

A wedding set is not a usual jewelry piece with which you want to compromise in terms of appeal or grandness; in fact, you only want a wedding set that is second to none in terms of beauty and aesthetics. And why not? I mean it’s your wedding we’re talking about. You have always waited and dreamt about making your wedding day a grand event. So, things need to be as splendid as possible. In that sense, sapphire wedding sets are the perfect match.

To help you understand better what makes a wedding set fashioned with sapphires a perfect fit for your love story, let’s divide this article into two parts - appeal and endurance. This is because these are the two X-factors of sapphire wedding sets.


If you’ve seen an intense blue natural sapphire then you are fully aware of how pleasing this gemstone can get to the eyes. Sapphire endows a very pronounced pleochroism, meaning this thing of beauty displays different colors in different lighting conditions when glanced from different angles. The vivid colors of this gemstone spare no effort in capturing your imagination the moment you take a look at it, that too from any angle. The most coveted sapphire wedding sets are embellished with blue sapphires. From the soothing sky blue color to the royal blue color of twilight, you can find a sapphire in your favorite blue color.

The appeal of the blue color of sapphire has also got to do something with royalty. Unless you have been residing under a rock all these years, you know that sapphire has always been associated with the British Royal Family. The gemstone has been used in so many royal jewelry pieces, from tiaras and rings to necklaces and brooches. The most famous of them all is, obviously, the blue sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana. This association of sapphire with royalty makes sapphire wedding sets the perfect fit to celebrate this momentous occasion of your life. However, as per your liking and preference, you can also fashion your wedding set with a different color sapphire, like purple, orange, green, violet, etc.


Endurance is the key as regards a wedding set. This is because you’ll be wearing your wedding set every day, all your life. In that sense, you need a wedding set that withstands the test of time. Therefore, you need to pick from sapphire wedding sets because these offer you exceptional durability. The durability of sapphire is in a class of its own because it is a very sturdy gemstone; in fact, the hardness of sapphire - 9, on the Mohs scale - can only be outdone by that of a diamond because it’s the hardest gemstone on earth. So, you can assume why folks go crazy for a sapphire wedding ring.

The Bottom Line

To amplify the lure of your sapphire wedding set, you can rely on diamonds. Embellishing your already alluring wedding set with accent diamond gemstones is a sure-shot way of turning heads wherever you go. The small diamonds in your wedding set will make sure that its centerstones stay in the limelight all the time. Keeping that in mind, you are now all set to fashion your wedding set. So, all the best for your wedding, my friend. 🙂

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