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Wedding Photo Books – The Ultimate Guide to Making the Most of Your Wedding Photos

Let’s face it, we completely forget about our wedding photos and leave them to gather dust in our hard drives or attics. Read our ideas on how you can break out those memorable photos and turn them into something special.

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After all the excitement from the rings being exchanged, vows being made, and a lovely honeymoon, there is still one more thing to look forward to. And that is getting your photos back. While the development of photos usually takes a week or two, there is still no reason why you shouldn’t think about how you want to preserve or display them. After all, these photos let you relive the best day of your life over and over again.

With so many options, choosing the best keepsake for your photos can be overwhelming. But worry not! There is always something for everyone. Whether your mind is set on a traditional wedding photo album or a photo frame, we have got a complete guide to help you make the most of your wedding photos:

Why do you Need a Photo Album?

Photo albums are a great way to keep your photos organized and also allow you to treasure your cherished memories for a very long time. It is something that you can keep on your tea table, and thus, it becomes something that you can share and talk about over a cup of tea with friends and family. Looking at a wedding album is a unique experience since It doesn’t quite look or feel the same as looking at photos from a laptop screen or smartphone. Additionally, a wedding photo album can potentially become a family heirloom.

Advantages of a Wedding Photo Album

1. Freedom to Design

We have already established that photos placed in a format of a book are a great way to keep photos organized. But another added advantage of wedding albums is that you can customize them to your tastes and preferences. The wedding photo album design can be made with a variety of wedding themes or templates which is a much better alternative to just leaving photos to lay around and gather dust.

2. For those who aren’t Tech-Savvy

Let’s face it, we are all probably well-versed with computers, memory cards, air-drops, and social media. But what about our parents and grandparents? They are likely not into social media let alone other kinds of technology. A wedding photo album book is a great alternative to enjoy photos without the need to know your way around computers or other smart devices.

3. Durability

Did you ever have a digital video or photo file remain on your computer for at least 15 years? Chances are you don’t. Although the growth rate of technology is unfathomable, there is still a likelihood that your photos would have been lost at some point over the years. On the other hand, a photo album is something that is made with durable materials which allow you to preserve your photos for a very long time. After all, they have helped preserve memories from the ‘80s or ’90s when technology was minimal.

4. A Wide Variety of Covers

Depending on your preferences and your budget, you can choose from a range of photo album covers. From high-quality leather to textile, or just simply plastic. When it comes to wedding album printing, you will be provided with several options from which you can choose and customize as per your requirements.

5. Easily Replicable

Once you have created a design for your photo album, you can easily use the same template to create other photo albums for yourself without repeating the design process again. You can even use it to create photo albums as gifts for your friends and family.

Disadvantages of Photo Albums

1. Cost

Although photo albums can be personalized, it does come at a price. Designing and creating your own custom photo album can be expensive in comparison to usual photo prints since it is labor-intensive and can take several weeks. However, if you are creating a photo album to relive the most important day of your life, money is no object.

2. Size Limitations

Oftentimes, you may not find the photo album size that you are looking for. This may be due to the limited range offered by the photo studio, or due to the low quality of the photo which may not fulfill the requirement of the album.

Our top Photo Album Picks:

1. Hardcover Wedding Photo Album

With a variety of designs to choose from, this wedding photo album may be simple but surely stands out. They are made with the highest quality material and are available in a variety of sizes to choose from. They are the perfect keepsake to preserve memories of your wedding day.

2. Kodak Image Wrap Photobook

Made from premium quality materials, image wrap photo books can be made with a variety of templates and can last a very long time. They are also available in matte, velvet, and gloss finish options and can accommodate up to 20 sheets with the option of lay-flat binding. An image wrap photo book is a perfect choice for wedding photos.

3. Personalized Leather Photo Book

Luxurious like no other, with its outer cover handcrafted faux leather cover to give it a premium finish. They are available in tan, black and maroon leather color options and also come with matching presentation boxes. Inside, you can choose between matte, velvet, and gloss finish options with lay-flat binding for the sheets. A great choice if you want to make your photobook elegant and classy.

Photobooks and photo albums are great to store and relive your wedding day for years to come. But why not display them for family and friends to see? Here are a few other keepsakes you make with your wedding photos:

Other Ways to Showcase Your Photos

1. Canvas Prints

Instantly turn your wedding photos into stunning canvas prints. They are super easy to make and are made of durable thin canvas material with a gloss finish. With a wall-mount hook attached to the back, they can easily be placed in a home or office space and can also make for a perfect photo gift.

2. Wall Photo Frames

A classic yet elegant way to display your wedding photos. When it comes to wall photo frames, your choices are endless since there are thousands of designs to choose from. They are usually printed on premium glossy paper that makes your photos shine and are coated with a water-resistant silk finish to give them added durability.

Which Photo Album is Best for Weddings?

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, which is why you will need to preserve those precious memories for many years to come. A great way to save your wedding photos is by creating a hardcover wedding photo album.

They are made of high-quality materials that are durable and are also available in a variety of designs. If you are looking for something old-school and classy, a leather photo album is a great way to go. They come with a premium leather finish cover and also a matching presentation box.

What Should be Included in a Wedding Photo Album?

When it comes to what goes in your wedding photo album, the obvious answer is your wedding photos. However, don’t just stop there. These days photo books and photo albums can be created online with the help of an online wedding album maker. There, you can choose and customize your own design and personalize your photo album. So go ahead and a few graphical elements to make your photo album stand out.

Should Wedding Photos be Glossy or Matte?

Photos printed with a glossy finish have a natural shine. They give the image a vibrant feel and make the colors pop. A matte finish, on the other hand, gives your pictures a flat and elegant look. It also minimizes light reflections which allow the photos to be displayed well in highly illuminated areas.

So if you want to add a contemporary element to your wedding photos, a great choice would be a gloss finish. However, if you want to minimize the shine as much as possible, a matte finish may be the right choice for you.

How Many Photos Should be in a Wedding Photo Album?

When planning your wedding photo album, you should not only think about putting all your wedding images but consider just putting the right ones. Several wedding photo albums have their limits when it comes to the number of photos they can accommodate. So pick out the photos that you really like, and pick just enough to tell the tale of the wedding.

Your wedding day always comes with a ton of memorable moments and photos to remember them. So don’t leave lying around to gather dust. Take advantage of the best photo album printing services available online and create a keepsake that will allow you to relive the most amazing day of your life.

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